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Bistox - Semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered by NEM

Greetings to my readers, today I am analyzing the Bistox project. Read to the end, will be very interesting!

Bistox is the first locally-decentralized built-in cryptocurrency exchange based on the blockchain chain. Bistox has many advantages in comparison with modern cryptocurrency exchange offices. Its main goal is to provide financial assistance to all holders of cryptomoney assets. The digital economy of blockchain-chain based cryptocurrency exchange is the main idea of developers. It is noteworthy that the platform will use its own NEM technology.

How does the project work?

For the most part, it will work just like the modern giants in this business. The only difference is the work of the project based on D. A. N. N. I. This is a specially designed artificial intelligence that significantly improves the quality of the service. It will daily analyze all transactions occurring on the platform, choose the best and offer participants. This is not the only function of this intellect, there are many more of them, we will return to them in the next article. Check it, it will be very interesting.

What problems does the project solve?

The creators want to change the significant nuances of the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

For example:
1. They wish to combine to the minimum value the commission according to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The lower the commission, the more profitable the income for the owner of the asset.
2. Eliminate most of these difficulties, which are currently in this area. There are a large number of difficulties that impede standard work in this area, eliminating them, convenience will be significantly improved.
3. Significantly improve trade efficiency compared to other advanced platforms.
4. Make the platform accessible to any trader with any level of knowledge in this field.
5. They will create the best support center that will work around the clock and help those in need.

ICO Terms

Timeframe for ICO:

Pre-sale: 09.09.2018-05.10.2018. Bonus - 15%. Minimum 5 ETH, maximum 25 ETH.

Public sale: 10.10.2018-09.11.2018. Bonus does not exist.

The distribution of tokens is as follows: 55% for sale, 5% for bounty, 10% for support, 20% for the team, 10% will be kept in reserve.

The distribution of the proceeds is quite interesting and promising. 30% of the funds received go to the development and testing of the platform, 25% will be spent on advertising, 15% is intended for the team and support, 15% will be saved as a reserve fund, 5% for legalization issues.

The hard cap is 25 million USD, the soft cap is 5 million USD. Finally, there will be airdrops in November 14 and the tokens will be audited.


As we see, the project has many positive sides and ambitions. The project is well supported, the ICO is well thought out and very clear. The distribution of money very effective and rational. Well, that's all, follow the next release of the analysis of the Bistox project where I will confidently put a true assessment of this project.

Official links to the Bistox project:
Website: https://bistox.com
Whitepaper: https://bistox.com/content/documents/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Bistox
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037289.0

Author of the article:
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