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Edenchain project overview: modern platform for ICO

Hello dear investors!
At the moment the most popular framework for different ICO is Ethereum. But the tool has some disadvantages. In particular, the overloading of the whole net. Sometimes Ethereum discreases the passing data speed, because it just can't handle such a huge data stream.
Of course it's not developers' fault, cause first of all, Ethereum is just a cryptocurrency, not only a blockchain platform. But for the developers it's not enough. They start creating a project for smart contract of the third generation, which is not only to support different ICO projects, but to serve for a global aim. It's going to become the base of the whole digital economy and will make revolution in IT.
The most interesting thing is that such kind of blockchain is now being developed. It is called Edenchain.

Project's openings, RoadMap and other details

Actually there're a lot of frameworks existed to replace Ethereum. Some of them are really worth noticing and offer new solutions for cryptocurrency market and blockchain in general, some of them are just another copies. But Edenchain is a unique project. The developers want to offer smart contracts of the new generation that are way better than everything existed before. The three-level system allows not only to create the safest blockchain ecosystem in the world but it's to become the base of the world economy based on the blockchain. Moreover, the authors of Edenchain want to mix the offline clouds safeness and convenience of the online services. There's going to be a chiphered passing between two modules which will let to provide the absolute confidentiality and reability.
The project has only been launched in the beginning of 2018, but the developers already have great plans. Even though Edenchain is based on a blockchain technology, it's going to provide not only cryptocurrency operations but other products and services trading. The whole spectre of Edenchain potential is not clear yet, but authors promise several pleasant surprises. Alphas and Beta-versions are going to appear by the end of the year. At the same time Edenchain will launch their e-wallet. In 2019 developers are planning to replace the project to the cloud services completely and to finish the  basic work, only adding some new features. They also promise convenience for the beginners. According to what they say, any beginner will be able to create a blockchain without any professional assistance. The slogan of Edenchain is "Compromise between safeness and productiveness". There are still no information about the speed of the net, however the developers are planning to at least reach the speed of such companies as Visa and Facebook. It means hundreds of  thousands transactions per second.

Tokens sales and marketing details

At the moment tokens sales are closed, but there's quite interesting information about its spreading. Only 40% of tokens are to be sold. The rest capital spreads in quite an irregular way. 5% go to the team or as a bonus for programme participants, 15% go to the partners, and the rest go to the little purposes. The project is suppossed to realize about one billion coins and earn not less than 24 million dollars from it. Actually, the goal's not so unreachable, considering that the initial price is 6 cents for 1 token.

The team

Unlike with many other developers, the Edenchain team does not hide their personal information. It can be easily found on the internet. The key developers James An and Jenny Rieu have more than 10-year experience in blockchain development. They've got excellent education and proved themselves as good leaders. The rest of Edenchain team is a little less experienced, but all the members work hard, doing their best.

My opinion about Edenchain

Personally for me Edenchain seems extremely attractive with its openings. Even now, on early stages of development, authors are not afraid of demonstrating their work on blockchain conference in Seoul and tell about it in mass media. Of course, nothing is absolutely clear right now. For instance, nobody knows how competitive Edenchain is going to be. Hundreds of projects are now being developed on the base of Ethereum, because there's still no any alternative. If Edenchain provides us the alternative it will easily become the most popular and convenient platform for smart contracts and blockchain projects in the world. Proper marketing, good team and smart conception – these are the keys for a successful project. There's one more thing – support from users. Luckily, Edenchain has enough of it. It will probably take the good part of the asian market and then become a key platform in the world. So this project is definitely worth noticing on the early stages.

More information about Edenchain can be found on the official links:
Website: http://edenchain.io/
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qUUUm8mNuL-7f5yYsNza1gqcZE6PoDhN/view
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edenchainio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/edenchainio
Telegram: https://t.me/edenchainio  

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