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MONET - an open network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand

Hello everybody! Today were talking about the Monet.Network project. Generally speaking, the aim of developers was to create a structure for peer applications. Lets take a closer look.

What is Monet.Network?

The project is a system, which is based on the peer economics conception. If you dont quite understand it, Ill explain: peer economics make it possible for users to be a consumer and a supplier at the same time. The conception itself uses the client/server infrastructure and has not been changed for quite a long time. But they have failed even at attempt to place such services on the blockchain base in order to soften the trust factor.

Thats the very reason why developers of Monet.Network decided to create a project where there would be no intermediation at all. Such ideas have always seemed good for me, because the level of trust suddenly increases and the risk of cheating reduces to zero.

What problems the platform solves

The first and most important problem is intermediation, which I mentioned above. Of course, its quite hard to avoid intermediates who serve as coordinators in limited involvement when using mobile applications. Actually, this system has recommended itself quite well, but therere some hidden hazards which still cause problems. The infrastructure where will be no intermediaries can be a solution to this problem.

The second problem is lack of transparency and confidentiality of personal data, as well as full control of it. One more disadvantage is the fact that all the spending will be covered by final consumer. Nobody wants to pay extra money just because of the system imperfection. Thats why developers made a huge step ahead when they created an ecosystem, which can be called Sharing economy. No more extra money there are decentralized intermediaries and full transparency. In my opinion, this is exactly what users have been waiting for several years.

How the platform works

Ill explain it in simple words: in order not to use a certain server, smart phones will connect each other to make certain actions and transactions. The solution of the problem turned out to be easier.

Such system with serverless application has a lot of advantages.
• Groups of users reach an agreement without third party.
• Data sharing is available in two modes: online and offline.
• The system defines a form of activity and location to find suitable peer nodes.

Its amazing that users dont have to make extra actions, the system takes care of everything.

About token and ICO

Currently theres no ICO information available. It is likely to appear in the near future.


Lets discuss all sides of the project. First of all, even though the project is now on the early stage of development, it has several unique features. For example, the ecosystem structure has already attracted many users. The will be a team who explains all the working advantages, so were only left to watch. By the way, the developers decided to structure their system so that the users of certain form of activity could find each other easily. When the first prototype of the application appears, we will say without a doubt that the developers are going in right direction. Implementation of peer detection became quite an interesting solution. Its related to the previous individuality, but the geographic search was added. To make it more convenient, the system will search for the closest users and connect to them. So the whole process is going to take much less time.

Official links to the MONET project:
Website:  https://monet.network
Whitepaper:  Monet.network
Telegram: https://t.me/MonetNetwork 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonetNetwork

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