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🔥✅Ubex - Global Decentralized Advertising Exchange!✅ 🔥

Dear friends and subscribers, welcome to my blog! Today, the engine of trade in many products, services and services is advertising. It can now be seen at every step in a different format: banners on the streets, pop-UPS on websites, notifications from mobile applications, media, special platforms and many others.

They bring a lot of benefits for finding their buyer, and the user - the necessary things. Marketing in this area is developing in all directions and for a long time, try to introduce innovations and not everyone can use them effectively. Some people are already tired of annoying ads, which, for example, put in front of the video on The famous YouTube hosting, the search engine Yandex and Google also begin to issue other advertisements that you are no longer looking for.

For advertisers also revealed the following shortcomings in the form that do not provide accurate and proven information about the effectiveness of advertising, and receive only the impressions, clicks, which naturally is not a guarantee of sales; not all sites have honest ratings; low performance of many channels, as these and excellent services about a dozen pieces.

And of course, the content creators do not know what profit they expect and therefore try to place in many places, sometimes they delay payments or do not receive it. All this is due to the centrality of these resources, non-transparent work and monopolization by large sites, the unfair conditions of which have to be accepted when there is no way out.

Fortunately, all of these weaknesses could decide the project Ubex, which you now know even more!
It creates a decentralized advertising exchange that allows you to place ads as efficiently as possible using artificial intelligence machines and blockchain technology and increase mutual trust between all participants.

Through training of neural networks to which data will be delivered consistently, which was difficult to implement for small and medium-sized companies, content creators and advertisers will be able to choose the most optimal, suitable advertising option, the content of which is suitable for a particular user.

In addition, all operations, smart contracts, which practically guarantee the fulfillment of the transaction conditions, will be carried out using Ubex's own digital token, which gives the following best advantages as the elimination of various intermediaries in the form of banking and electronic payment systems, keeps personal data confidential, increases the speed of transactions and records them in the general register.
Content authors thanks to the full and transparent statistics from all sites will be able to predict their income and immediately tokenize advertising space in advance. Also, the effectiveness of advertising here will contribute to the rating of publishers and advertisers, with full information about their operations, which will accelerate the process of selecting a more effective option.

The prototype of the platform is already available and you can see it at this link https://app.ubex.com/home. Now Ubex tokens are being actively sold and will last until August 13, 2018, you can get free 500 pieces, you need to enter your email address, hurry, the offer is limited!

In my opinion, the idea is very promising and ambitious: traditional advertising options are becoming obsolete, a new technology is needed that will allow to reach a much larger audience and be more effective, safe for personal data, do not have territorial restrictions and intermediaries, increasing only the price for it! Not in vain with the Ubex project already cooperate such well-known companies, which you can see in the picture below. So promote your products wisely! Thank you for your attention and wish you a good day!

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