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MEvU Decentralized, platform peer-to-peer bet

Hello, welcome to all blockchain fans everywhere.

The enthusiasm of European football, American, baseball, hockey, basketball, MMA and boxing fans made this situation indirectly gain the luck of one of today's most popular gambling games.

For players who have long been in trouble, of course, there is no need to confuse the terminology or calculations used in this game. But what about new players who are interested in starting the game?

In European football, American, baseball, hockey, basketball, MMA and boxing, it is generally accepted that there are some terms and special counts. But don't worry, because the terms or calculations in this game are not as complicated as they seem.

Well, in this article, we are puzzled by the fact that they are the most important. By taking advantage of all the important functions in a smart contract, it uses Ethereum cyber security, making traditional hackers worthwhile. In addition, outdated central cities have expensive licenses; however, it may still face pressure from regulators to shut down operations that may result in user funds being locked out. This is not a problem for me because it is basically impossible for the central authorities to control the Ethereum network. Peer-to-peer ("P2P") decentralized management enables game-based competition without relying on payment processors, reducing the burden of operational supervision, and preventing organizational corruption such as fraud and theft. BlockchainEthereum technology allows "smart contract" code running on EVM (Ethernet virtual machine). This technology can be used to perform calculations and transactions, allowing automated payment systems to complete all work without trust, quickly, safely and completely transparently. The result of any match in the support event, the two bettors denied the results will be verified by Oracles. The shrine is the person holding the MVU token.

Originally acquired in ITO, and reported the results of the game rather than ether. Payments will be awarded to the winner based on player reports and Oracle verification. Inaccurate reports can lead to agreement on missing MUV marks, virtually eliminating the risk of reporting fraudulent results.

What is MEVU ..?

As a point-to-point distributed network, MEVU allows people to place bets on anyone, anywhere. Changing any situation is a social bet; who can win the next round of golf or be the first player to lose 10 pounds.

If your friend is not there, search or play sports bets on the global MEVU network to create a new one.

MEVU takes the stakes back to the people's foundation. this is necessary.

Blockchain Improves Transparency and Security Faster and Automatic Payments at Lower Historical Costs Eliminate Third-Party Cheats Minimize Regulatory Interference Global Leaderboards encourage competition.

Our solution

meVu is a point-to-point, decentralized application that matches the player who has agreed to bet. These bets can be played on special occasions. Walking on the Ethereum virtual machine, the open source smart contract meVu creates an open and visible security guarantee. This allows players to follow their Ethereum cryptocurrency “ETH” at each step of the betting process. Create relief, once the winner is determined, Ether will be paid quickly, safely and automatically. All funds are kept in blockchain contracts. There are no individuals, companies or governments can undermine payment. Mevu almost eliminates the risk of hackers and hackers, because there is no single point of failure in the blockchain network. By liquidating Ethereum, meVu can reduce the time spent on traditional sports bookings while reducing costs from 10% to 2% because it has never been processed by banks or third-party agencies. Our platform allows people to compete with each other and eliminates opportunities for us to need funds and returns. Dispute between players supporting sports games is sent to an incentive mechanism that can reach consensus. In addition, reputable systems and rankings can foster a competitive spirit and prevent malicious behavior.


MeVu's goal is to become the most respected global platform, set up specifically for players to bet on anyone at any time. We dreamed for some time that a common phrase could be "Let's make sure!" Initially MeVu will focus on custom/social head-to-head batches and campaigns, but it will quickly evolve to intervene to add a doubling bet in which some players can Supplementary large singles position. meVu will add unique features for sports games and casino style games, which may be where they play with MWU tokens. Finally our API is already in development, allowing existing bets/ Esports sites to be used for contracts. Your brand focuses on reintroducing basic knowledge into its basic principles, as it should be. To put power in control and in the hands of players, we must encourage global leaderboard competition while strengthening the gambling, not the feeling and excitement of other players in the sports team.

How to determine the result

To facilitate decentralized applications, MEVU smart contracts use MWU tokens to ensure that bets are automatically completed. The MEVU token (MVU) is an important part of the MEVU ecosystem and economy. The main function of the MVU token is that the player bets on their balance, allowing the player to become a deity and report the outcome of the event. When Oracle reached a consensus, they collected service fees from the completed bets.

How To Get Token

~ Meet oracle service

~ From other players by transferring

~ Declared recommendations and ratings

~ Get patents and win tokens in exclusive games

~ Send ETH to MVU Manufacturing Contract during ITO

Recommended gift

Another way to get an MVU is to invite friends to become active users on the meVu platform. Once the so-called friend has played the first game on a platform, both players will be rewarded. The reward will have to pay for the funds at the end of the sale. Assuming that the price of the MVU remains at a constant price of 0.50 cents, the proposed fund is set up to achieve the potential of 100,000 players in four years. Before the first day of each month, meVu will arrange the same $5 MVU token amount as bonus payment. This number will be set to 10 basis points lower, then the market is trading MVU. The MVUs have been richer in the past year and two years, providing early adopters with a reward for creating the network’s success. The following table details the structure and rough. The number of MVUs available each year after Universal ITO. Plan to create a backup where the MVU can be purchased from a website that is being developed.

Token sales

MeVu will have all the details of a private, and ITO Society below: Contest: MeVu will reopen the individual pre-sale Hyenne Month-14 and run up to 15mm MVU Tokens reached or until July 16 is the first one The hard capsule .meVu will be the redemption fund to become a major net ready to launch with the main meVu platform features development, testing and auditing to complete. The remaining funds will be used for legal fees, as well as general ITO marketing meVu. Funds raised will be sold privately according to the chart.

One end of the 44 MVU will remain. Of the 44 people, 3.6 MM MVU will be retained as a referral and reward rating, 2 MM will be left to team advisor, 2MM MVU will be allocated to the funding of the theme team 18 MM MVU will remain as partner 13 MM MVU will remain as a partnership 13 MM MVU will remain as a partnership and the remaining 13 MM MVU will remain in cash. The token will be sold on October 22, 2018. It can be used to raise funds. The total return on investment so far is as follows.

There will also be the FIFA World Cup. Users who publish in our beta and truly predict trophy game world will receive reward MVU tokens. More details come, closer to the meVu BETA launched in June!

route map



More information details:

Website: https://www.mevu.bet/

WHITEPAPER: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/irhmw1y7wj3b2tn/AAAdoYYsNUqTctBkh8TdrYgCa? Dl = 0&preview = meVuwhitepaper + - + English + - + Original.pdf

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/betmevu/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mevu_bet

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