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Users of the Minerva platform will receive encouragement for each transaction using tokens

The Minerva project is a new block-based technology platform that intends, thanks to the internal tokens of the system and their use, to attract to its platform a large number of both suppliers of goods and services. Organizations that accept payment for Minerva tokens have the opportunity to receive loyalty bonuses by OWL tokens. To implement the idea, the project intends to collect an amount of $ 10 million in the course of raising funds.


The crypto-currency market is quite unstable and changeable, compared to the currency one. There is excessive volatility, which affects both income and losses of investors and traders. In order to regulate the stability of the internal OWL token, Minerva intends to provide a token with a smart contract that will help the asset preserve the stability of the exchange rate, and its investors, to save their investment in the future, to earn money on this.

Companies that are engaged in the provision of services, squeeze from users huge commissions and that do not cost their money. This is an obsolete problem of entrenched centralized systems. Minerva intends to introduce a new model, according to which users will receive remuneration from the platform itself with internal tokens and make payment transactions. New users will be rewarded with a bonus system and be rewarded with interesting rewards. More details about the loyalty system are written in the white paper of the project.

To implement the project and securely integrate the token with exchanges, the team uses an internal OWL token that is compatible with the Ethereum protocol, which allows you to quickly and reliably connect to crypto-exchange exchanges. This, in turn, makes it possible to make payments with a variety of wallets.

In the future, Minerva intends to implement a fork, after which there will be a separation of the project from the blockade Ethereum. This is due to the lack of scalability and high throughput, as well as high commission fees for transactions. The Minerva community will be informed in advance of the date and procedure of the fork.

Adjusting the offer of tokens

The price of crypto active will directly depend on the release of new tokens and their turnover in the network. Each rate for the token will be rewarded at the price at which the token will be traded on the exchange. Since the price of the token will be regulated by a smart contract, in order to avoid a sharp drop in the rate, the rate will increase accordingly to this rate, thereby creating a real demand for the OWL token.

The Minerva volatility protocol (MVP) is used by the platform to create a localization of 10%, this will keep demand for the token and ensure it from the economic downturn. Since MVP will provide a positive token rate, this will allow rewarding of network participants in the implementation of voting and keep in reserve a portion of the tokens that will have to ensure uninterrupted network operation.

In case of a decrease in the token rate, the project team has developed a special plan for the release of tokens from circulation for a while from the system. This operation will occur in order to preserve the monetary assets. With the help of smart contracts, the token will be displayed in phiath and freezed. Once the course is restored, an automatic purchase of the token will occur.

When the market collapses and the price drops sharply, the user will be able to receive a bonus from this token in the future. The bigger the fall - the more the investor gets the income. In case the market continues to go down for a long time, the reward system will decrease and the size of the bonus will be transformed due to natural restoration of the market as a whole.


The Minerva project has a strategically important partnership with a large company that has a multi-million user audience and intends to integrate the Minerva product into its project. The name of this corporation is not disclosed, because according to the concluded contract - both parties can not do this and are waiting for a more suitable moment. To implement such a large-scale project requires not much - it's $ 10 million. This team should easily collect this amount, as there is a trump card that the project is not ready to disclose at the moment, but which, of course, will only play into the hands.

Project Contacts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/
Telegram: https://t.me/minervachat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minervatoken
WebSite: https://minerva.com/#team
Whitepaper https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1230839

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