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Review of ICO Calisto

The massive introduction of blocking technology can not be shunned in the coming years, since the crypto currency is becoming more accessible. Currently, there are at least 1,500 crypto-exchange rates on the market. One of them is Ethereum, it implemented a decentralized platform on which an intellectual contract is executed, which is a decentralized application that operates on a block chain.

Callisto is a project of the Commonwealth of the Etherium, which was explored and designed, and developed a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-managed, self-financed ecosystem. This also improves the safety of the crypt industry ecosystem by improving the development and use of intellectual contracts.

Another goal of Callisto Network is the implementation of experimental protocols, which are a combination of the basic functions implemented in contracts and the combined configuration at the protocol level.

One of the main problems of Etherium is the lack of the necessary tools for the program to be protected. Callisto is designed to solve these problems in CLO and ETC systems, with the provision of a completely free option for the professional creator of projects to verify their smart contracts.

There is another problem - the innovation in the protocols that requires Hardchin. Hard-forking is a tense operation for exchanges on project sites. Callisto seeks to mitigate the difficulties of setting two scheduled timelines for formatting.

Callisto File System solves the problem of independent secure storage of the archive of security reports. The main purpose of this file system is to provide a chance to download, store and view security reports independently of third-party services. Callisto allows users to store user files in a distributed store, supported by selected IP nodes Callisto. The system can be scaled depending on demand.

At the initial start-up of the Callisto project, an intellectual contract with the Treasury will not be involved. The purpose of this is to make of. the audit team and depend on the audited contracts for further updates.

The total amount of commission fees at this stage is 30%, which includes:
Financing for development: 20%
First bet allocation: 10%

Further development of the project will be fully decentralized after the deployment of the intellectual contract of Callisto. Further, all development goals will be determined through an intellectual contract. The creation and implementation of these stages will be financed by the Callisto franchise agreement.

Team Callisto

Any Callisto project user who holds a CLO can become a cold stacker. Cold-staker is an account that has blocked its own funds in the intellectual contract of Callisto treasures for 1 month or longer. Any idle account has the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process, presenting a plan for the creation of an intellectual contract for the Treasury Callisto or voting for / against existing proposals.
Cold stackers will be rewarded for being owners of the CLO and participating in the development of Callisto thanks to part of the CLO treasury. The total amount of CLO allocated for any cold glass is dependent on the total number of cold stacks that are currently in the Callisto project.

Callisto road map

For a single start, you do not need the account owner to run the full node. He relies on the Somali franchise agreement. All users of the Callisto network are allowed to become a cold producer at any time if they deposit their share in the intellectual contract of Callisto. A full reward + rates can be withdrawn from the treasury contract, at any time, after a month has passed since the deposit was made. The account that withdrew its funds from the franchise treasury contract will no longer be a cold holder.

Callisto is trying to create a secure and easy-to-use platform for further development and improvement of the protocol. The Callisto program is available for participation. The creators of the Callisto project are fully responsible for implementing the main functions of the Callisto system, which will allow it to become a decentralized and self-sustaining system.

Project links
Website: https://callisto.network
Telegram: https://t.me/CallistoNet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CallistoSupport
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/callistonetwork

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=897891

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