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Review and analysis of ICO BUBBLETONE

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Mobile communication services are very common today. We use communication every day. And from this we will not go anywhere. After all, this is the most convenient method of communication, the most optimal method to inform someone of the necessary information, and so on. I think you understand what I'm talking about. These are everyday things and understandable to all. And is it always convenient for you to call someone? And is it profitable, especially when you are somewhere abroad? And what is the degree of security of your mobile communication? I think that you have thought about these issues many times. And not always you get answers to them, because you do not always know who to turn to. All these issues are solved by the project, which will be discussed now.

Bubbletone - is a global blockchain project, which is designed to solve the problem of the high cost of roaming for travelers. The plans of the development team include the creation of a platform for the direct interaction of operators, specialized service resources with users of mobile devices. By eliminating the services of intermediaries, it will be possible to receive high-quality communications at the rates of operators in the country where the person will be located. In this case, you do not need to purchase a new SIM card, and the identification process will occur automatically.

The reason for creating a new platform is the high cost of roaming services for ordinary users. In some countries, the use of mobile devices outside their home country costs 8-10 times more than tariffs from their operator. At the same time, tariffing is not per-second, but per-minute. As a result, many travelers, as well as people sent on a business trip, are forced to turn off a similar service on their phone.

If you look at the situation from the side of business, only large mobile communication companies can afford to participate in the roaming hub. Medium and small operators are deprived of this opportunity because of the limited finance and lengthy procedure of approvals and permits. As a result, the market turns out to be monopolized, and the cost of services becomes high due to the presence of numerous intermediaries. In order to change the situation in the sphere of international telecommunications, the Bubbletone project was coined. It is designed to ensure the interconnection of device owners and operators in the host country without unnecessary intermediaries. Interaction between both parties is ensured by the creation of smart contracts. As a result, the user receives high-quality communication services at local tariffs, and operators expand the potential coverage of customers without additional costs.

The project also released its own messenger, which is configured specifically for the needs of mobile operators. Beta can already be downloaded right now to your smartphone on Google Play and App Store.

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The advantages of the project:

  • Ability to make calls at very favorable rates anywhere in the world. Now you can connect to the tariffs of local mobile operators without any problems;
  • No need to constantly change your mobile number, as a result of which you will not need to carry several phones with you to change the SIM card - your number remains unchanged;
  • Ability to use multi-functional mobile innovative communication technology of the next generation.
  • With the BubbleTone project, each operator will be in demand, global without requiring special efforts, as the BubbleTone project will solve this issue. Any mobile operator will be able to directly access the international telecommunications market by contacting millions of new customers from around the world. Also, the operator will increase the amount of his income due to the distribution of services when implementing the project plans.

How it works:

In this video describe in some detail how the Bubbletone platform will work, and how participants can use it for their own purposes. Let's watch this video right now.

Terms of ICO:

Name of the token: UMT
Platform: graphene
Total number of tokens released: 1 000,000,000
Total number of tokens for sale: 500 000 000
Start ICO: April 20
End of ICO: May 20
Price of the token: 1 ETH = 4000 UMT
Accepted currency: ETH, BTC
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Hard Cap: 15,000,000$

About the project's tokens and distribution:

The Bubbletone project will use 2 tokens: SDR and UMT.

SDR - created by the International Monetary Fund for the calculation between companies that provide roaming services. It is calculated on the basis of rates of 5 currencies: dollar, euro, yen, yuan, pound sterling. It is in these tokens that the services of the operators will be paid, according to clever contracts inside Bubbletone.

Universal Mobile Token (UMT) - is the internal crypto currency of the Bubbletone network. You need to conduct transactions inside the system.

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Road map:

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The project team:

The founder of the blockbain project Bubbletone is Yury Morozov, an expert in telecommunications with more than 20 years of experience. He is the creator of four telecommunications companies, whose annual turnover is $ 50 million. These include the mobile operator Allo Incognito and the multifunctional instant messenger Bubbletone. In addition to Yury Morozov, the team of developers includes 24 people from Russia and Bangladesh, who have experience in participating in IT projects related to telephony and billing, and in block projects. Detailed information about each participant is available on the Bubbletone website.

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The project is very interesting and necessary. With its help, telecommunications will rise to a higher level. The world will certainly improve with such projects, we must thank the team that they provided us with a chance to use the project's services. BubbleTone will provide you with security, reliability, convenience and improvement! Before the end of the ICO, 4 days remained. Do not miss this opportunity and join right now under the link


More information can be found here:

Website | Whitepaper | Youtube |Facebook | Twitter | Telegram


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