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OPEN Platform

 Cryptocurrencies have caught plenty of spotlight in the past 12  months, and many developers have seen the powerful potential in this  market. This has led to the development of many applications that are  based on the blockchain. These applications offer various benefits  leveraged from the utilization of smart contracts and the blockchain.  Transparency, seamlessness, and lowered costs are some of the benefits  these applications offer; some even allow decentralization of functions  and are therefore termed dApps. The amount of applications entering the  market is continuosuly growing and this is evidenced by the meteor of  ICOs by teams hoping to raise funds to make powerful new applications. 

 Despite all the benefits it offers, blockchain technology is new  and so a vast portion of developers have or are in the process of making  products that do not leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.  But there is now a way to connect those products to the blockchain   

OPEN the Opportunities

 OPEN Platform is a brand new blockchain product aimed at  delivering an intuitive solution that connects centralized applications  to blockchain payments. It also provides a means for removing the need  for a multitude of tokens in the market, but the immediate mass market  benefit of OPEN Platform is that it allows a bridge between mainstream  applications and blockchain payments. This provides a beneficial  situation for everyone:  

  • Centralized application developers gain access to a whole new  market: crypto holders, investors, and traders add up to a market value  of $300 billion and it's a highly liquid flow of funds with daily volume  ranging in the tens of billions. This gives applications, especially  established ones that are struggling with growth, an opportunity to push  for more an entire new market channel.
  • The crypto community gets a multi-layered benefit. First off, the  tokens and coins they hold gain instant real-world value. Additionally,  given the real usage crypto gets for day-to-day purposes, the market  receives a genuine boost as more people become willing to invest as they  can see a clear purpose to crypto.

OPEN is able to do so by developing Scaffolds, which are the backbone  of its technology allowing centralized infrastructure to communicate  with blockchain. Scaffolds allow a means to store data on the  blockchain. Cryptocurrency can now easily become a part of the large  number of centralized, mainstream applications. 

 A Scaffold is a smart contract that allows the developer's  database to connect to users. OPEN's team has created an API that allows  customizable Scaffolds to be created to suit the need of various  applications payment functions. The underlying purpose of the Scaffold  remains unchanged: developers of mainstream applications can now accept  crypto payments. The added benefit of using Scaffolds to integrate  blockchain technology into existing applications is that they allow easy  adjustment to the various formats of payments. The API ensures that any  one and any entity has an easy opportunity to access the benefits  offered by the OPEN Platform. OPEN Platform opens up the opportunity for crypto to allow it to reach new markets, new users, and new utilities. 

 OPEN Platform Contact Information
Website: https://www.openfuture.io/
Whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/openmoney/OPEN+Platform+White+Paper+2018-03-08.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2150904.msg21517540#msg21517540
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FDNbh0M079p5fnfOHFEJaw 

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