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GMO released free software for Zcash mining using video cards

The Japanese Internet giant GMO offered to miners its new product - software for extracting crypto currency based on the algorithm of Equihash, including Zcash, using graphics processors (GPUs).

According to the company, the software called Cryptknocker is absolutely free, and any user can download it. However, there is one condition - GMO will receive 2% of the income of the miners. Thus, the company expects to compensate for the cost of developing the program.

GMO clarified that their development, aimed mainly at extracting Zcash tokens with NVIDIA cards, is several percent more efficient than similar software clients for mining.

Most likely, the release of new software will be a challenge in the competitive struggle for mass production of Zcash. The fact is that not so long ago the community decided not to take any actions to change the code of the Zcash blocker in order to make it unresponsive to ASIC-calculations.

It is worth noting that at the end of summer the Japanese IT giant focused on the production of equipment for mining and extraction of the original bitcoin, abandoning the mining of Bitcoin Cash. He also announced the launch of a crypto-exchange, operating online. It will allow traders "to buy and sell up to 2 BTC in one order [and] up to 1000 BTC per day".

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