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The Siacoin network will conduct hardfork. Developers intend to fight ASIC mining

Not so long ago, the developers of Siacoin (SC) supported the idea of ​​dominance in their network of miners from Bitmain and Innosilicon, but now their opinion has changed to the opposite. The Siacoin team has announced that it has already planned haodfork to combat ASIC mining. The transition to the new software version (1.3.6) will take place on October 31.
The fact is that the lead Siacoin developer David Vorik plans to launch his own mining devices - Obelisk. The parent company Nebulous is working on the project. Initially, the equipment was supposed to enter the market last year, but the launch was postponed, and the giant Bitmain took advantage of this situation.

The company released at this time its device for mining Siacoin, making the miners Obelisk unpromising. Perhaps it was this competitive struggle that gave Vorik the idea of ​​allowing the SC cryptocurrency to be mined only with the mining equipment Obelisk. True, this initiative has caused a wave of misunderstanding in the community - users have doubted the complete decentralization of the Siacoin network.

It is worth noting that the planned hardfork forced some participants to leave the community. However, the news had a positive effect on the cryptocurrency rate - the cost of SC (38th place in terms of capitalization) shows a slight increase.

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