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Authored platform in a quick and friendly manner which makes it easy for readers to locate

WHAT IS Authored Platform
Authored Platform:

It is an application dynamic on Android and iOS. Not just working as Amazon Books, Google Books, Apress, Wiley, … and other internet distributing framework, however Authored is additionally an informal community stage that permits to distribute astounding substance from the scholars and writers of the items.
<> ATH (Authored Token) as the methods for change in the framework.
<>Distributing on Authored in a rapidly and benevolent.
<> Buying the first distribution from the creators.
<> Discourse book administration to serve the perusers who want to hear great.
<> "Mine" ATH by different exercises from rating, recording group.
You are not qualified and you are not permitted to buy ATH tokens in the event that you are a national, inhabitant or green card holder of the United States of America or a subject of Vietnam, China. To the most extreme degree allowed by the material laws, directions and principles, Wrote Platform might not be at risk for any roundabout, uncommon, coincidental, noteworthy, or on the other hand different misfortunes of any sort, in tort, contract or something else. Composed Platform neither certifications nor acknowledges obligation regarding the exactness, unwavering quality, current or culmination of this substance. People planning to put resources into the stage should look for autonomous expert guidance before following up on any of the data contained in this paper. Imminent buyers of ATH tokens ought to precisely consider and assess all dangers and vulnerabilities related with Authored Stage and their particular organizations and activities. On the off chance that any of such dangers and vulnerabilities forms into real occasions, the business, monetary condition, consequences of activities and prospects of Authored Platform could be physically and unfavorably influenced. In such cases, you may lose all or part of the estimation of ATH tokens.
Authored Platform: Is an application dynamic on Android and iOS.
✪ Copyright substance might be:
A book.
An article, logical research.
A short story.
A specialist's bit of offer.
An utility tip.
gives an administration which empowers to interface distributers, journalists with the perusers who are in need to look for the valuable data. Given separation and prevalence thought about over different frameworks, Authored does not offer a paper-based book dispersion sevice. It offers an Authored-based online administration of dispersion books, concentrating profoundly on client experience and delving in arrangement of more quick witted sevices for clients in the 4.0 innovation time.
✪ Created utilizing the Blockchain innovation – it is the utilizing of ATH Tokens in light of ERC-20 stage as the methods for change in the framework. The buy of printing is in a snap with Visa, MasterCard or even a financial balance.
✪ The creators can distribute their item on Authored in a rapidly and amicable way, like making a status on interpersonal organization Facebook, Twitter, ect.
✪ Perusers are permitted to utilize the Authored with a pleasurable ordeal. In expansion to acquiring the first production from the creators at a sensible cost, they can likewise interface straightforwardly with the creator.
✪ Composed might furnish a discourse book benefit with the expect to serve the perusers who want to hear great, enthusiastic perusing voices or basically being excessively apathetic, making it impossible to peruse all alone online books because of tiredness to take a gander at them. The voices are record by creators themselves or different individuals.
✪ Clients can "mine" ATH straightforwardly on Authored by different exercises from rating the creators, joining the chronicle group, and so on which makes a wellspring of pay for themselves..
Why Authored platform is unique from others project
✺ Clear Roadmap
✺ Organised Platform
✺ Strong managing team

✡ OCT 2017 : Idea advancement.
✡ NOV 2017 : Research to guarantee the thought application.
✡ DEC 2017 : ICO's framework advancement.
✡ APR 2018 : Completion of White Paper.
✡ MAY 2018 : Sale opening of ICO to get the store to build up and in addition build up the item.
✡ Q3 2018 : Listing Token ATH on Coinmarketcap and outer trade with focused cost of 2x – 6x.
✡ Q4 2018 : Product improvement with fundamental highlights on the Android or iOS stages.
✡ Q1 2019 : Product improvement with cutting edge highlights, coordinated charging on Blockchain stage utilizing ATH tokens.
✡ Q2 2019 : Campaign to co-work, cooperate with writers, content distributers, authors.
✡ Q3 2019 : Campaign to draw in Authored items and administrations.

Fund Alocation and Token sales

From above discussion i'm logically think that is a great project and invest on it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Authored-Platform-166068220770025/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorednetwork
Telegramm: https://t.me/authorednetwork
Website: https://authored.network
Whitepaper : https://authored.network/WhitePaper.pdf

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