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ETF like Investment Platform Before CBOE; CoinBunlde


This article will present the new cryptocurrency investment platform which is one of the very few of its’ kind; ‘CoinBundle’. CoinBundle is created to serve as a cryptocurrency investment tool to make investing in cryptocurrencies especially simple and accessible to everybody.

In this article, you will be able to find information regarding this emerging cryptocurrency investment tool, the features of the platform and the bounty program which is live at the moment. Although there are many cryptocurrency exchanges exist and a new one opens very often either centralized or decentralized, they offer almost the same trading opportunities such as; crypto to crypto and/or crypto to fiat and vice versa. Coinbundle on the other hand, presents trading opportunities into bundles which contain a number of selected tokens/coins.

Investment tools which are capable to provide high returns such as stocks and real estate portfolios have only been accessible to the wealthy peoples in societies. This limitation is one of the reasons which contribute to global income inequality. Cryptocurrencies brought the individuals the opportunity to enjoy the high returns on their investments and gain their financial freedom.

Although cryptocurrency market has reached a market cap of 800 Billion USD and 50 Billion USD daily trading volume as all-time highs, it is still in its’ infancy as only 8% of Americans and 1% of the people globally own cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will reach 40 Trillion USD.

Introduction of index funds Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provided investors to receive higher return rates than those run by investment experts. Creation of ETFs on the other hand, has made index strategies easily accessible to people in developed markets. Therefore, passively managed bundled investment products such as ETFs have become a reliable and low-cost methods for retail investors to obtain a diversified portfolio of asset classes without the need to research on the assets exist in the market. These features of ETFs made them popular among other investment tools, increasing the amount of assets invested in amount each year.

Although adoption of ETFs is growing, they are still available largely to certain economies, mostly purchased by people who are knowledgeable in investing and live in developed countries.


For cryptocurrency markets on the other hand, ETFs and products similar to those will become popular means of investment for most retail investors and newcomers to the crypto-space who lacks the knowledge and time to manage a diversified portfolio. As you consider the higher accessibility of the cryptocurrencies (or ETFs and products similar to them composed of cryptocurrencies) by simply anyone around the world independent of their income levels, it would not be wrong to say that such investment tools based on cryptocurrency would help individuals’ wealth growth and macroeconomic development of societies and countries.

Since cryptocurrency is its’ infancy, cryptocurrency exchanges are relatively new and all of them provide investment options for single cryptocurrencies. In order to be able to use these exchanges for buying or selling a cryptocurrency, one needs to be an experienced trader. These exchanges are too complicated for an average investor to manage a portfolio. Bundled investment options on the other hand, are very few in number and only available to either accredited investors who need to invest huge amounts of money (25.000 or 250.000 USD as minimum) or offer only limited options (fixed distribution of funds through a single instrument).


Moreover, these bundled investment options have the same or higher management fees than traditional financial institutions. These cons still prevent retail investors to access these tools.

CoinBundle aims to solve the wide accessibility problem of highly profitable assets and owning a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio by providing an ETF-like product on a decentralized structure. CoinBundle have already launched with 6 bundles available for trading at the moment. Later, two additional in-platform marketplace features will be added, namely BundleMarket and BunldeRewards. These two features maximize utility from the platform and deliver a unique value proposition for investors. The BundleMarket will provide a range of investment opportunities to bundle purchasers and the BundleRewards platform will allow exchange of BNDL tokens in return for key investment and promotion tasks.


Core Product: ‘CoinBundle’
CoinBundle offers its’ users to buy and sell bundles of coins. The bundles are composed of selected cryptocurrencies of which percentage of each one is determined based on a specific set of criteria such as, market capitalization, volatility, and technology stack. At the beginning, each bundle will be valued based on the underlying asset price of 100 USD in order to determine the composition of each coin then the value of each bundle would change according to the price change of each individual coin.

There are three bundles at the moment offered by CoinBundle which are created and optimized by the in-house financial team. Those are the Conservative 2 Bundle, the Aggressive 10 Bundle, the Emerging 10 Bundle, the Halal Bundle, Coinbasic Bundle and Topl 20 Bundle.

Existing Bundles Explained
Conservative 2 Bundle (CON2) is composed of BTC and ETH both with 50% weight. Both coins have performed well over the last year and they comprise the 60% of the total market capitalisation. Conservative 2 is the less volatile of the bundles.

The Aggressive 10 Bundle contains both BTC and ETH along with 8 other alternative coins with medium to low market cap. BTC and ETH is added to lower the volatility of the bundle. Lower market cap coins have higher weights over higher market cap ones in this bundle. Upcoming main-net and other releases are given a higher weight than others.
The Emerging 10 Bundle is composed of 10 coins which have promising technology behind them. The projects and teams of the coins are scored on six main indicators as part of the analysis such as, team and advisory board, whitepaper, progress (including Github), token metrics, hype/traction and positive/negative news. Bundle composition will be evaluated periodically with composition and weights to be adjusted accordingly.

The Halal Bundle on the other hand, needs to contain coins or projects which are compliant with Islamic Finance Rules. There are two coins which are BTC and XLM at the moment with 40 and 60% of weights respectively.

The Coinbasic Bundle is composed of five coins provided by Coinbase exchange. This bundle is for those who want to get instant access to the 5 more commonly accepted and deeply vetted cryptocurrencies instantly and at a low cost. Bundle contains BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and ETC with weights of 75%, 15%, 6,5% 2,5% and 1% respectively.

The Top 20 Bundle has got the top 20 coins of the market based on total market capitalization. Each coin has a weight of 5% in this bundle. This bundle is ideal for investors who want to diversify their holdings across a wide variety of cryptocurrencies without spending time and effort investigating and buying them independently.


Eventually, there will be an opportunity for anyone to create their own unique bundles either to buy themselves or promote them to others.

CoinBunlde platform has been designed to enable users globally to take advantage of and grow their wealth via cryptocurrency investing. There will be two different user profiles who use the platform, Bundle Buyers and Bundle Creators.


Funding Account
Users could deposit funds to their accounts by debit and credit cards or cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and Ethereum Classic. Users can also set up automatic funding to their wallet on a recurring basis.


Purchasing Bundles
Users would choose and purchase their favourite bundles among all. Users receive purchase bonuses based on their CoinBundle Token holdings. Bundles can be sold or traded for other bundles seamlessly.

Tracking Performance
Users are able to monitor the performance of their portfolio with a simple interface by either mobile or desktop applications.


Rewarding Behaviours
Users will be rewarded with CoinBundle Tokens for favourable investing behaviours such as, long term holding, dollar cost averaging down, etc.

Execution and Safety
CoinBundle will execute bundle purchases directly from partner exchanges through integration with their APIs. Custom algorithms written by CoinBundle team will be utilized to pick the best prices available across the cryptocurrency market.

Over time, after trading volume of multiple bundles builds up on both buy and sell sides, it is expected that users will be able to exchange bundles directly on CoinBundle. A centralized platform will manage the creation and disintermediation of the bundles and if there exists any overflow that portion will be managed through trading partners.
All the digital assets will be stored securely by Kingdom Trust, which is the leading global custody provider. Funds of users will be insured and protected with best in class infrastructure.

No Fees
CoinBundle does not charge any trading fees from its’ users. This will maximize profits of its’ users.

KYC/AML Procedures
CoinBundle offers best in class KYC/AML infrastructure in partnership with one of the most reliable providers in the crypto space. The platform have access to more than 20 identity data verification service providers. There will be multiple identity checks, from name and address verification to ID verification. Such services utilize machine learning to build identity verification analyses and also analyse them for the most accurate reputation score.

BundleRewards is a platform where CoinBundle users is capable to earn tokens in return for doing micro-tasks, governance participation, and activities on and off the platform. Users will be able to earn BNDL, for instance, for providing evidence of completing basic financial literacy courses developed by the platform, or for routinely saving and investing a portion of their earnings every month. Eventually, BNDL token holders will be able to reward other users for their microtasks delivered as well.

BundleMarket will be the marketplace where all of the available and upcoming bundles on the platform is traded. It is expected that this marketplace to utilize the power of cryptocurrencies to democratize investing the same way Web 1.0 democratized content creation. BundleMarket will enable any investor to share their investing strategy without depending on large financial institutions.

CoinBundle Token (BNDL)
The CoinBundle Token is an ERC20 standard token based on Ethereum blockchain with core utility on the platform. BNDL token economy established will support the overall success of the business. Since tokens will be distributed across millions of users, there will be a wide user base which will result in a strong community and support for the token. Besides, rewards given in BNDL will incentivise users to hold tokens for a long period of time. As the number of bundles grow in the platform, the value of BNDL tokens will increase since the supply of tokens is fixed.
Bonus for Good Investing Behaviour


BNDL tokens will be used as rewards for users who invest in bundles for an extended period of time. Besides every user will get BNDL token rewards for their purchases. In addition, users will be rewarded with BNDL tokens if they set automatic investment option on. Granting of bonuses will also utilize / burn BNDL tokens back into the platform to keep the bonus distributions within manageable levels and to maintain equilibrium as the assets under management on the platform increase. Below table explains the percentage of BNDL token awards and utilization.

Incentivizing Tasks and Earning Commissions
BDNL tokens will serve a utility function on the BundeRewards platform as an exchange medium. Users will be able to earn or spend tokens as reward for tasks and activities on and off the platform.
Users will be able to earn tokens by doing financially responsible activities such as, taking financial courses, saving and investing regularly. Another way to earn tokens is to promote certain bundles to institutions or other users. Over time, users will be able to earn tokens by performing microtasks created by other users.
Users will be able to spend BNDL tokens to incentivise other users to conduct certain tasks for them.

Unlocking the Power Features via BNDL
Users will be able to get access to power features on BundleMarket which will allow them to invest more effectively. Such features will be recommending new themes for new proprietary bundles, early access to new bundles and featuring their own custom bundles.

Short Term Features Roadmap
CoinBundle aimed to be a global product; to give opportunity for investors all around the world whether or not they have huge amount of money or the live in a developed economy. Team is building the infrastructure to be compliant with the regulations around the world. It will be initially available for investors out of US and then accredited investors will be able to use the platform. Short term features which will be implemented are as below:
• Monitoring prices of bundles and building sample investment portfolios
• Purchasing the Conservative, Aggressive and Emerging Bundles using fiat
• Auto-purchasing and portfolio rebalancing
• Capabilities to allow investments via retirement funds (e.g., 401K, IRA)
• Offering CoinBundle infrastructure to financial companies and investment advisors.
• Purchasing additional bundles based on investing themes and preferences
• Creating and purchasing your own bundles
• Deploying and selling bundles on the CoinBundle Marketplace available for anyone else
to buy

The CoinBundle team has over 50 years of technology, finance and policy experience. The team is also backed by some of the leading investors in Silicon Valley, such as YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Tuesday Capital, Switch Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures, Amino Capital and Funder’s Club.


CoinBundle is hosting a Bitcointalk Bounty Program from October 9th, 2018 until January 10th, 2019. This Bounty Program will allow contributors to earn CoinBundle tokens (BNDL) in return for creating high-quality content, completing micro-tasks, etc. Participants in the bounty program will be rewarded with BNDL tokens. 20 Million of BNDL tokens are allocated for this program. Details of the program would be investigated via the link below.


CoinBundles is a platform which aims to provide everyone around the world easy access to cryptocurrency investments. It is not like a regular exchange where selected cryptocurrencies could be purchased via fiat currencies or exchanged by other cryptocurrencies. It offers its’ users bundled investments like ETF approach. Main benefit of this approach is to provide opportunity to purchase a diversified portfolio without being an expert on the field and studying the projects one by one in order to manage successfully a diversified portfolio.

Platform has additional features which enable users to learn how to invest wisely. This is an incredible service for users by which an educated community is aimed. This would definitely prevent new investors to lose their funds by wrong investment actions. I appreciate this feature which will support establishing an ecosystem where new comers are not hurt and eventually adoption rate uninterrupted.

Overall, project has potential to contribute to positive growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Important Links
CoinBundle Investment Platform: https://app.coinbundle.com/signup
CoinBundle Official Website: https://coinbundle.com
CoinBundle Official Telegram:https://t.me/coinbundle
CoinBundle Referral Program: https://coinbundle.com/referral
CoinBundle Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinbundlecom

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