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CRYPTONITY The Crypto Community Exchange

With increasing number of interested contingent assets users and extensions most of industry increased the number of services, allowing to carry out a variety of treatments with coins. In this project, the maximum popularity was captured by crypto-currency exchanges-conditional trading platforms, by means of which anyone is able to buy or sell a crypto currency.
The work of such platforms is created according to the scheme of the traditional exchange: the price of the asset depends on the demand and the requirements, which are formed by the value of orders for purchase or sale. The difference not only in the Proviant, what are trade traders, but in the ability of entrance – there is no agent required or particular evidence, sufficient registration in the website of the stock exchange of cryptocurrency and replenishment Nemer.
What about the formation of the cryptocurrency exchange is not weak is not an easy goal, but the exchange, which provides a full set of devices and functions is considered to be the most difficult problem. I want to provide you with the company Cryptonity, the project worked with cryptocurrency as traders and miners, which existed intensive usersactual platforms required to build cryptocurrency exchange you’ve been waiting for
recommend this Cryptonity:
guarantee a more complete, reliable, colorless and collective exchange platforms in the auction.
1 I wish to provide our users with the most secure
trading platform. In order to accomplish this mission, I will function with the most popular experts in the field of security in the exchange, was audited twice during the independent security firms, and brings together our control results with the aim of absolutely all our users. Our partners according to the security will be mentioned in our website. Follow on in guaranteeing our users a reliable trading skill, I will set up an insurance document for the purpose of refund
our users in case of overhead-due to the attack. You will find the most detailed information about our insurance policy further, in the field of the basis of exchange.
2 collective communication with our users.
It is more than certain that I am involving our users in the development of our platform. I will have different channels of communication disclosed in order to interact with our users, and I will certainly give an answer to our requirements of users in the shortest possible time. I wish for our society to participate in the development of the platform, in terms of functions, which will be invented, coins, which will be listed, and thus then. “Request Evaluation” role will be performed with the aim of users, in order to imagine the functions that they would like to notice in the landing stage.
Cryptonity is a combination of two words: Crypto and Community. Simple, but powerful and meaningful, our goal is to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency community. We aim to provide the most comprehensive, safe, transparent and collaborative trading platform on the market. We want to bring good vibrations to Crypto World, violating the “profit” policy of most exchanges.
Cryptocurrency is a virtual exchange tool created and used by individuals or groups. Because most cryptocurrency is not regulated by the national government, they are considered an alternative currency – a means of financial exchange that is outside the limits of state monetary policy.
Bitcoin is a superior cryptocurrency and the first is widely used. However, hundreds of crypto currencies exist, and more every month before.
Cryptocurrency is also characterized by decentralized control. The supply and value of cryptocurrency is controlled by the activities of their users and by very complex protocols embedded in their parent code, and not by the decisions of the central bank or other regulatory authorities. In particular, miner activity – cryptocurrency users who use large amounts of computing power to record transactions, receive newly created cryptocurrency units, and transaction fees paid by other users – are very important for stability. and smooth currency functions.
Most importantly, crypto currencies can be traded for currencies in specialized online markets, which means that each has variable exchange rates with major world currencies (such as the US dollar, British pound, European euro and Japanese yen). Cryptocurrency trading is somewhat vulnerable to hacking and is the most common way to steal digital currencies by hackers and cybercriminals. Speaking of cryptocurrency exchange, there are many platforms that offer cryptocurrency exchange services easily and cheaply.
Many crypto currencies that are less used can only be exchanged for personal transfers to colleagues, which means they are not too fluid and difficult to measure against other currencies – cryptography and fiduciary.
The most popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ripple, are subject to special secondary exchanges similar to currency exchange. (The now extinct Mount Gox is one example.) This platform allows holders to exchange their cryptocurrency ownership against major fiduciary currencies, such as dollars and euros, and other crypto currencies (including less popular currencies). In return for their services, they slightly reduce the value of each transaction, usually less than 1%.
Cryptocurrency currency exchange plays a valuable role in creating a liquid market for popular cryptocurrency and defining its value against traditional currencies. However, currency exchange rates can still be very unstable. The US dollar exchange rate in bitcoin dropped more than 50% as a result of the mountain. The collapse of Gox, which is then multiplied by ten in 2017, with an explosion of demand for cryptocurrency.
And this is an awareness that the CRYPTONITY platform wants to be achieved. A simple but solid and meaningful trading platform, our aim is to exchange what is respected by the Cryptocurrency community. We aim to provide the most comprehensive, safe, transparent and collaborative trading platform on the market.
Cryptonity solution
“Cryptosystem” lengkap
Give our users the most ergonomic and efficient trading tool.
Users who have our Cryptonity token (XNY) will receive the lowest cost on the market.
We plan to develop our own Blockchain and decentralized exchanges with the participation of our community through award-winning programs.
Security and insurance
Providing our users with the safest trading platform, working with the best security experts on the market, audited twice a year by independent security companies.
The first crypto exchange to provide insurance to replace our users in the event of a loss.
Community-based trading platform
Involve the cryptographic community in the evolution of the platform to meet their needs and demands: features to develop, parts to lists, etc.
Responsive, low-cost multilingual customer service and fully transparent policies.
Functions of Forks, Airdrops, Staking Rewards and Masternode must be applied.
Sales Token
Symbol Token: XNY
mark type: ERC20 Availability
Total mark: 100,000,000
Token Price: $ 0.23
Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH
Minimum objective: $ 500,000
maximum Goal: $ 20,120,000
Public Sale 1 Start: October 31, 2018
Sales general 1 End: 30 Nov 2018
General sales 2 Start: 30 November 2018
General sales 2 End: 14 Dec 2018
General sales 3 Start date: 14 December. 2018
General Sale 3 End: 31 December 2018
For more information about CRYPTONITY, you can send a message
Website: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/
White Paper: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/storage/Whitepaper_EN.pdf
Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/CryptonityExchange
Telegram: https://t.me/CryptonityExchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptonityExchange
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