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Render It Review

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The team at Render. However, real-world hardware render work is extremely expensive.

In Render It Coin. We will use our funds for the first time. As a renewable energy source, it is used to supply their equipment!

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MARCH, 2017Development and Team Configuration.

SEPTEMBER, 2017 The first purchase cost of 3000 meters.

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 Beginning of our cooperation with animation studios; ProSoft Ireland supplies; Altayia Studio for computer power.

JANUARY, 2018 Computer bank established for regular use.

FEBRUARY, purchase of 20 000 € additional equipment at 2018 costs; Our services net monthly net 3,500 €.

MARCH, 2018 The official registration of our company in Ireland and the beginning of the renderit.farm web page.

APRIL, 2018Kripto-currency for developments.

MAY, 2018 Render Application (ERC20).

JUNE - SEPTEMBER 2018 Beginning of pre-ICO sales. Writing and informing an informative report; Crowdsale & Advertising.

OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2018 Instruction for the customer; A market and warehouse.

JANUARY, 2019 Land acquisition; Creating a new job. The wind turbine; Extend our facilities with additional high-end computing facility; Mobile creation and remote access (free); Computer board to share, research institutes and scientific institutions; Donate 1% of our income to charities.


Grzegorz Dzikowski

Founding Partner Hardware Specialist

Szymon 'Simon' Gnjadek

Founder CEO, hardware and software specialist

"Remy" Chincha Remix

Founder CEO, IT and Hardware Specialist

Tomasz 'Thomas' Jaworski

Animation render job

Michał Hryciuk

Software Engineer and Lead Web Developer

Shikha Dadhwal

Social media manager

For more information visit:

Website: https://renderitcoin.eu/

White Book: https://renderitcoin.eu/white_paper.pdf

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