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Hello everybody!

I would like to present to you the new tokenization platform - TokenGo.

TokenGo is a block-based business tokenization platform that uses a fair rewarding system. The main examples of the application of the TOKENGO platform are ICO procedures, a creation of its own cryptocurrency, voting, financial payments, authentication and notarization, issuance of certificates, possession of tokens, automatic accounting, voting widgets.

The TokenGo platform was founded by Anton Bendersky and Gusev Petr. The first occupies the post of general director and block architect, the second is the technical director, that participates in the development of the block. At the time of preparation of the survey, the company is registered in the UK.

The developers pay attention to the fact that despite the explosive growth of the ICO in 2017, until now its capabilities remain limited. Tokenization in existing analogs is used exclusively to attract funds. TokenGo platform is suggested to go further and create a full ecosystem within which any member can create their own crypto-currencies, program smart contracts, use tokens to exchange or purchase goods/services.

After a full-fledged launch, the TokenGo project will include:

Web platform - will display information on current projects passing through the initial offers of coins. Through the web platform, you can monitor your activity, participate in the ICO, etc .;
Site designer - provides a set of tools for creating a site and integrating it with the TokenGo platform;
The designer of smart contracts - one of the main reasons that current smart contacts cannot completely solve the problem of automation, developers calls the lack of interaction with the outside world. Smart TokenGo contracts should solve this problem;
Own crypto-exchange - unlike existing exchanges, it will be possible to add to it any number of crypto-currency pairs. Through the exchange, it will be possible to trade any tokens;
Harvesting - it is about the remuneration of those who are working on the development of the network. The DPoS consensus algorithm is used, unlike the conventional PoS or PoW algorithms, DPoS provides a fairer reward for all participants.

Through TokenGo platform you can:

Create your own tokens - when you enter the ICO, this is a prerequisite for maximum financial returns on the part of investors. The initial offer of coins allows you to participate in the financing of the project literally to all comers;
ensure security and fairness of voting. Using blockage makes it impossible to forge results in the future;
create its own cryptocurrency;
Conduct financial payments - the standard possibility of any cryptocurrency;
Use voting widgets to attract new visitors to your site;
Increase authentication security;
Profit from the possession of tokens;
Create certificates to demonstrate that the services you offer are at the appropriate level of quality.

I would like to notice that at the moment GPT token can be accessed at a very good price, only $ 0.60 US. So hurry up. Only 16 Days Left. PRE-SALE will over on 10.02.2018 23:59 UTC

More information about the platform you can find on the official website: https://tokengoplatform.com/

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