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Aergo - a promising project for corporate environment

  1. AERGO tries to integrate the public and private chains to better meet the needs of enterprise users. Most team technicians have experience in blockchain project development, but currently there are fewer people responsible for business development and market operations.

  2. The project's “endorsement” company Blocko has 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry, and its product Coinstack has commercial applications. AERGO's core technology is based on Coinstack and it is expected that Blocko will provide substantial resources for the AERGO project.

  3. Project fans are hot.

  4. AERGO tokens are used as application tokens in the platform, and their demand will increase with the scale of the platform. Therefore, the long-term investment value of tokens needs to consider the future ecological construction.

  5. The project has not yet released the official Github homepage or MVP (the most simplified implementable product). Some of the technical details of the white paper require the team to publish more information to help further understanding.

Application development in the real world needs to consider computing, storage, external data, cashing, payment and many other factors, which distracts the developer's energy. Enterprises tend to prefer private chains, but sometimes they need public chains. There is no reliable connectivity platform between these private and public chains.

AERGO's goal is to establish an enterprise-level blockchain protocol and IT platform, which will become the mainstream IT framework used by application developers and enterprises in many industries, and solve the existing blockchain projects that cannot meet the enterprise-level requirements of most industries. The problem.

AERGO official website shows that Blocko is a technology partner of AERGO, and AERGO will inherit many of Coresack's core technologies. Both AERGO and Coinstack provide an enterprise-level blockchain platform framework, but Coinstack is a private-chain development platform, and AERGO is a platform that leverages cloud architecture, public and private blockchain networks.

AERGO will initially connect to DApp through the network of Blocko and Blocko partners and customers. At the same time, AERGO will also coordinate the use of Blocko's resources. AERGO and Blocko will jointly launch and prepare the public network as the first member of the operational committee, and will also produce blocks together until the public network reaches 2 million blocks.

In addition, Won-Beom Kim, the founder of the AERGO team, is also the founder of Blocko, and almost all of the other key players in the AERGO team are from Blocko. The white paper mentions that after the AERGO eco-construction is completed, Blocko's technical services for Coinstack 4.0 will also be paid for AERGO tokens, which is almost equivalent to marketing and endorsing the use value of AERGO tokens.

Through the above analysis, we can conclude that Blocko is a company that has certain operational experience and technical strength in the blockchain field and is recognized by investment institutions. AERGO can be understood as a division established by Blocko for new projects. The key personnel of the AERGO team are almost all from Blocko. The core technology of the AERGO project is also based on Blocko's existing product, Coinstack. Blocko will provide resources and assist in the promotion of the AERGO project and accept AERGO tokens as a means of payment.

Blockchain platform existing problems

  1. Lack of reliability

For the company, the inability to fully control the IT infrastructure after using the blockchain can cause operational problems. The public chain may encounter hard forks. For example, in 2017, Bitcoin has forked out Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and so on. When the public chain encounters a hard fork, the DApp needs to run as usual on a new version of the protocol, and a simple application fork can cause serious business problems. Hard forks can also increase the vulnerability of the IT network itself. Another problem is the volatility of transaction fees. When Bitcoin encounters network congestion, Bitcoin transaction fees fluctuate widely. These fluctuations are unacceptable to business users.

  1. IT integration difficulties

It is extremely difficult to develop an IT system that is fully compatible with ActiveDirectory, Oracle, and SAP, which are widely used.

  1. Software development difficulties

Blockchain technology often introduces new programming frameworks and languages. Most enterprise software development is project-oriented, and developers have little operability to learn to use new languages and tools for individual projects. Many companies hire contractors to implement IT projects, and contractors may be reluctant to learn new languages for individual projects. Many public chain projects force developers to learn new languages to create smart contracts. Existing common tools such as C++, Golang, JavaScript, Python, etc. cannot be used very well. The data processing language SQL, which is widely used in reality, has no use in blockchain development. To a certain extent, these have prevented traditional developers from assisting in the wider application of blockchain technology.

  1. Privacy issues

The data privacy that the current public chain can provide does not meet commercial requirements.

  1. Capacity expansion problem

Many existing blockchains are sufficient for handling simple expansions, but commercially used IT systems should be able to automatically handle user requests that are increasing or even suddenly appearing.

  1. Lack of interoperability

There are a large number of public and private chains, and the design of each blockchain is different, which limits the flow between users. A large number of blockchain projects will disappear due to lack of acceptance, and the remaining projects will only be used for less professional purposes. The most successful projects should be able to integrate with other projects to form a larger blockchain ecosystem and platform.

Technology Architecture

ERGO's goal is to create an enterprise-level blockchain protocol, IT platform, and operational framework to serve DApp developers and corporate companies in the system. AERGO combines the advantages of public and private chains to provide a smart, multi-threaded, intelligent contract architecture. In the AERGO ecosystem, each participant is allowed to innovate and provide business services.

Similar to today's cloud computing, AERGO provides a secure open source framework for enterprise users to develop and run DApps. When necessary, enterprise users can easily move DApps from the public chain to a more secure and higher performance private chain. AERGO borrows many concepts from traditional databases and distributed computing.

Figure 1 Interworking between public and private chains in the AERGO ecosystem
To implement a hybrid blockchain structure, AERGO uses a data connection proxy server. Connecting to a proxy server allows two-way information exchange between public and private networks, allowing different types of systems to work simultaneously. At the same time, a high-performance virtual machine engine is needed to meet the needs of smart contract development, compilation, and embedding into this diverse architecture.

In general, Aergo has great potential. Behind him is a strong team of professionals with relevant experience in solving current problems in the field of block technology.
Attention to the corporate implementation of the blockchain is a good and promising goal.
In addition to the technical option, the developers have published a business document and a detailed description of their technology of smart contracts AERGO SQL, which are currently available on the official website of the project.
The success of an idea entirely depends on the ability of developers to offer users something special in order to gain a foothold in the market, where they will have to face serious competition in the face of large alliances of well-known world companies.

Website: https://www.aergo.io
Telegram: https://t.me/aergoofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AERGO_IO
Medium: https://medium.com/aergo

Telegram: @Alex14BBC
Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2382322
Bitcointalk Username: a.shabanov

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