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Carboneum is creating a decentralized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. Carboneum is an openly distributed protocol owned by every single user. Where traditional social trading platform helps solve complexity problem, it still lacks transparency and remains vulnerable to single point of failure risk. The platform will be completely immune to such problems. It is built to sustain and scale with a sound revenue model where perfect alignment of interests is structured.


On CoinRadars, Ethereum is implemented primarily on the fundamental point of relationship in social trading mechanism, helping the system to identify and obligate one user to another, or in specific, a follower to a leader, via smart contracts. It also gives permission for the platform to standardize rules, penalty and settlement practice through such on-chain technology.

We aim to create a trading and investment platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies which authorizes the greatest degree of knowledge sharing, promotes the purest form of transparency whereby all trading activities and actions are recorded and become totally traceable, verifiable and auditable via utilization of blockchain technology. And most importantly, we are extremely determined to build a tool that helps simplify the trading decision for newcomers, who by and large are not as technologically and technically educated, compared to those industry veterans, by implementing the concepts of social trading/copy trading.



The problems associated with modern day trading platforms include;

Investment in Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies is Complex.

Centralized Trading Platform Lacks Transparency.

Traditional Social Trading Platform is Seriously Exposed to Single Point of Failure Risk.

Existing Incentive/Revenue Structure of Traditional Social Trading Platform and Traditional Fund Managers Represents Imperfect Alignment of Interests.

To solve these problems, we are building decentralized social trading platform with an open protocol that communicates with all major digital asset and cryptocurrency exchanges directly. This concept imposes great significance in ideal transparency, and complete decentralization for trade order execution. The platform also comes with a truly democratized incentive structure whereby the interests of all parties are perfectly aligned. That protocol is named Carboneum and the platform is to be called CoinRadars. These two are main catalysts that would eventually help bring ideal ecosystem for investment to reality.


The Key value propositions of CoinRadars are

Transparency, Simplicity, Knowledge Sharing, and Incentivized Business Model. These values makes CoinRadars unique among other synonymous platform.


C8 token is ERC20 smart contract which allows follower to pay their leader and be used in other activities on CoinRadars platform.


Token Name: C8

Token for Sale: 120,000,000

Tokens Hard Cap: USD 12,000,000

Tokens Soft Cap: USD 1,200,000

Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 8,000 C8

C8 token is ERC20 smart contract which allows follower to pay their leader and be used in other activities on CoinRadars platform.

The pre-sale period starts on 8 March 2018, followed by the public sale on 11 June 2018. Other key dates and related actions are listed in the following timeline
Carboneum Token Repurchasing Plan
It is our intention to gradually reduce the number of C8 by using our profit to repurchase and terminate them over time. Entering the second year after its launch, 20 percent of our net profit will be used to repurchase C8. In third year, we will do this semi-annually. And from fourth year onward, C8 will be repurchased and burnt on the Ethereum blockchain on a quarterly basis until half of C8 coin is repurchased, leaving 100 million C8 coins in the open market. All repurchasing effort will be recorded on the blockchain.
Trade like a pro
It is defined as a service which enables any users to take a role of follower, giving the green light to them to duplicate the transactions of a leading trader. The greatest achievement social trading brought to this world is allowing new investors to simply take a shortcut and deem the need to educate themselves about financial product unnecessary.
Knowledge Trading Platform
Social trading or copy trading is a service which enables any users to choose expert trader to follow, establishing a “follower & leader” type of relationship, based on the expected returns and risk preferences, and delegate the authority to execute copied trade orders automatically to Carboneum via ECR20 smart contract system.
Reward Trading Platform
In the event that users generate positive results from any trade copied from the leaders, users will be charged a certain percentage-base amount of fee by the system. The system will then transfer the majority of that fee to the leader as a mark-up for their service, with the remaining amount being kept as platform’s revenue.

For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE :https://carboneum.io/

WHITEPAPER :https://carboneum.io/documents/Carboneum_Whitepaper_V8.6.pdf

FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/carboneum.io/

TWITTER :https://twitter.com/carboneum_io

TELEGRAM :https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE6kFK7jcrvesORLGQ

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