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ICOVO - Help People Eliminate Skepticism about ICOs

Currently, Inet is a separate piece of the line of focus of the relationship with assistance in the ICO in the property of the variant of earnings, and it represents the initial arrangement of digital software calculation tokens before entering the exchange and the property of the investment fund for further development of the idea and implementation of planned plans. Basically, use the block chain of the Ethereum platform.

Картинки по запросу ICOVO

The outstanding qualities of the ICO are beginning to attract a large number of production organizations of both small and ordinary businesses, as they give the opportunity to collect a lot of money over a short period of time, and the speed of fulfillment of planned intent for several mines has been specified. Blockchain allows everyone regardless of their geographical location, as well as bypassing some political obstacles, taking part in such an event and, by such a vision of the image, so to maintain a huge total number of true human beings.

In addition, intermediary conductors are excluded in the form of banking and electronic payment constructive orders, which can impose a prohibiting order for transfer, limit the amount, delay for a few days, demand different kinds of evidence from the person, close accounts, suspiciously cheating and deceiving. Blockchain helps to protect all individual information information in absolute confidentiality and quickly execute transactions from one point of the world to another for the minimum possible fee.

I participated in several 10 ICOS, and some of them gave good revenue in a long-term hope for the future 10.20, including 30 times more than the initial investment. Expressing gratitude to that very permissible probability, you colleague can reasonably take part first of the emergence of ambitious and top design objects in the future with a good product.

But now you need to be extremely discerning in the choice of such start-ups, since there have become frequent cases of fraud from the direction of organized activists and with lies the forgery of real human beings who invest the mobile asset in their ideas. It is not nearly always easy for a person to find such reliable news material about a team, its historical records and durability and security, or it takes a long time. So, today you need a site that will be able to protect the finances of investing patrons with protection and can become an ICOVO project.

ICOVO creates a decentralized platform and application that simplifies the selection of investors and protects their mobile assets through intelligent contracts that allocate the necessary funds for launching the UPS by conducting their ICO as they progress through the road map in stages.

This suddenly occurred thought will allow to create only healthy and promising design intentions, the team can not avoid the collected funds and savings from investors, thereby gaining additional motivation for further development, release and updating. The depositor at each stage will be able to make a decision on the return of own investments.

The main core of the platform is, of course, a reasonable contract DAICOVO, which was positively shown in the expression by the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. In order to invest in projects, the contestants will be able to apply their OVO tokens, which will bring concrete benefits. Now you are my idol by knowledge you can download your application for iOS operating systems (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icovo/id1393849523) and «android».It contains the following useful functions:

Individual wallet that supports ERC 20 tokens and issuing a covered key that is stored only on the user’s phone;

decentralized exchanger between owners;

the universal purpose of the value of voting;

ICO, where you can reasonably get the chance to register in white lists, view technological documentation and news material about start-ups, the KYC organization, which will be enough to go through once and upload photos and documents.

It is put in the plans that DAICOVO will be released as an open source, which gives a huge advantage to the founders of ICO, for use giving a large number of free functions: adjusting parameters, creating a badge of a digital icon, deploying, conducting air programs, connecting referral programs. The KYC procedure should take place not only for the investing patrons, but also for the project objects that organized the inventions, which further increases the protection.

In my opinion, ICOVO can significantly help to protect the horizons in the interests of investors and remove many obstacles for the ICO, the creators created also receive an additional incentive for subsequent step-by-step events. The preparatory implementation of the marker comes on the 24th of the first autumn of 2018 and will last until 8 of the 2nd month of autumn 2018 with a good bonus of 40%.

More information:
➤ Website https://icovo.co/
➤ Whitepaper https://icovo.co/whitepaper/20180831_wp_service_en.pdf
➤ Telegram group https://t.me/icovoco
➤ Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468796.0
My BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135

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