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Dear reader, Just as my usual practice of bringing valuable and profitable information across your way, let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “BitHFT”. Please sit down and relax your nerves as you read. Also, I encourage you not only to read but also to take an important step as part of this great innovation.

BitHFT is the first crypto-trading platform with ultra-low latency execution.

Our mission is to streamline the strategy sharing process of crypto-trading to allow any trader the opportunity to succeed.

Strategy sharing is the core feature that makes HFTBot the easiest trading program to use.


1 For Experienced Traders

BitHFT offers lucrative Wall Street payout models for pro traders. Read more about it:

Build subscribers and followers with your successful trading performanceSubscribers pay you a monthly fee. In return, they can mirror your trades in real time
Followers can track your performance for free, but they can’t mirror trades
No penalty on losing trades. However, this might impact your overall rating as a trader
2 For Novice Traders

BitHFT’s strategy sharing platform allows you to download professional trading strategies for educational purposes. Once you are familiar with the crypto-trading world, develop your own strategies and trade like a pro!

Browse through the best traders and download their trading strategies
Enhance the strategies to better suit your own trading style
Test and back-test your strategies without using real money
Grow your rating by keeping your strategies profitable and up-to-date
Earn subscribers and followers with your hard work & get paid!
3 For Crypto Investors

Not interested in trading? No worries. BitHFT offers a wide range of opportunities for casual investors:

. Subscribe to the best traders and let them trade for you. Receive payouts in real time

Invest directly into BitHFT’s in-house traders without paying subscription fees. Receive payouts weekly
Withdraw, invest, re-invest anytime with zero obligations
Stake your HFT Tokens for a pre-defined duration:0.36% daily payout for a 30-day stake
0.40% daily payout for a 60-day stake
0.45% daily payout for a 120-day stake


Successfully established BitHFT business objective, mission statement, core team members, and respective responsibilities.

March 2016

Alpha Development & Testing Complete

Partnered with SolarFlare Communications and succesfully integrated TCPDirect technology. Testing results successfully met high-frequency trading standards

February 2018

ICO Opens (Tentative)

Official launch of BitHFT Initial Coin Offering

October 1st, 2018

HFTBot Closed Beta Release

Early release of HFTBot trading program to a pre-selected group of users for feedback and bug reporting. Demo trading only

February 2019

HFTBot Open Beta Release

Early release of HFTBot trading program to all users for additional feedback and bug reporting. Demo and actual trading enabled

March 2019

HFTBot Official Release
Official release of HFTBot trading program

April 2019

Trader Subscription Opens

With approximately 3 months of trading data collected since HFTBot official release, users can now subscribe to other traders through HFTBot and mirror trades in real time

April 2019

BitHFT Investment Fund Opens

Users can invest directly into BitHFT in-house fund

April 2019

Staking Opens

Token holders can stake their tokens for a pre-defined duration in exchange for daily interest payouts

May 2019

Internal Exchange Opens

Users can buy and sell HFT tokens through BitHFT internal exchange platform. Token price determined by supply and demand

July 2019

External Exchange Opens

Users can buy and sell HFT tokens through public exchanges

Q1 2020

For further information visit:
WEBSITE : https://bithft.io/
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/BitHFT
TWITTER :https://twitter.com/Bit_HFT
TELEGRAM :https://t.me/bithft_official
REDDIT :https://www.reddit.com/r/BitHFT/
My Bitcointalk profile link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1182404

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