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Never ending series week 58, Rosen Bridge

58 Rosen bridge .jpg
Number 58 in the never ending series, where one picture, (the one below) turns into a totally new work of art every Sunday, Welcome to week 58 I call it "Rosen Bridge ".

Link to the image I used to start and continue the series indefinitely https://steemit.com/photography/@mahzadsaeb/the-busy-bee

Starting to get back into steemit and being a lot more productive in general, I am taking many online courses that are helping me take my skills to the next level.

For today's edition in the series, I made the Rosen Bridge is also known as a wormhole, The first black and white piece in the series. Trying to finish up some other courses so I'll spare you the details of how I made it if you are interested please get in touch, It was still made from the original and derivatives of the Genesis picture.

Last week's edition into the series

And the link to the Beginning of the series

Hope you having a great day and are enjoying your steemit journey,
I want to thank all my supporters for their upvotes, comments and resteems, Its truly appreciated!

Yours truly,Maxim aka bitcoinman

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