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5 лет назад

Bitcoin forecast for 17, 18 and 19

BONUM makes the year prediction for the third time! With 2017 and 2018 behind us we planned bitcoin behavior during 2019.

Firstly, let us remind you the graphs of the previous years. They’re not perfect, but still illustrative enough. A quick reminder how to use BONUM predictions.

The red and green lines on the chart are the predicted limits of the maximum deviations of the bitcoin rate with the probabilities of 0.99 and 0.9.

The charts show in 17 and 18 years the rate was mainly confining to 0.99. However, for small but significant periods broke beyond this limit.

2019 forecast was made with the probabilities of 0.99 and 0.9 as well.

The corresponding forecast limits at the end of 2019 range from 500 to 35,000 with a probability of 0.99. With probability 0.9 — from 1000 to 17500. We will wait and see.

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