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OptiToken ICO

OptiToken: And than not a deposit?

Time of a final part of the review about OptiToken has come. Today we will tell about that as the coin can be used effectively and about volume what opportunities for the holder provides.

Application for cryptocurrency of OPTI isn't so predetermined as can seem. At first sight it is just a coin which provides the positions thanks to technologies about which we spoke in the second part of our review. Nevertheless we consider that the OptiToken project will be able quite to become the excellent tool and for ordinary people and not just for beginners and professional traders.

Present that you during some long period earned money but not for something concrete and just to save up the necessary financial buffer just in case. However despite notorious stability and credibility to banks there are factors which hold from that to store the large sum in bank:

  • First banks though are considered as an inviolability symbol in a financial system all the same from time to time go bankrupt. So when you plan to put money in bank you also risk though perhaps and less than if you plan to buy securities or other assets.
  • Secondly the same securities market not the best place for your money. Of course if you have necessary knowledge and experience to earn from the exchange that to you and there are nothing to think – safely begin to trade. But most of us aren't born traders therefore can't risk so money which will appear further.
  • Also banks though with pleasure take your money and use them so far you won't take away them back pay too small percent. Of course you can object that banks raise deposit rates recently and cooperation with them becomes more democratic. But that what they share with you also that benefit which is received from use of your money are incommensurable.

You have already caught the direction of a thought. Present how favorable investment for the natural person will be a purchase of a token of OPTI. It as a contribution to bank only your means will really work bringing benefit. And all this won't demand long agreements with bank and conditions, difficult for understanding.

Present to make a contribution to OptiToken it is only necessary for you stints tokens that sum which you intended to enclose for example in bank. But except standard increase in quantity of means which you receive at the moment when you want to withdraw money in Fiat also you will receive payments after each cycle of the auction by means of a "clever" portfolio as we and told in the second part of the review.

Best of all if you come to make a long-term contribution with a definite purpose. For example you know that in several years you want to pay training of the children at the university. You have a sufficient sum but you need to consider the change in price in the future provoked by inevitable inflation. And as we also told bank won't be able to satisfy your inquiries as well.

Besides the fact that your money is invested in OptiToken doesn't mean that they "are completely paralyzed". You will be able to remove in Fiat or to continue to use cryptocurrency which to you will be charged as payment from cycles of sales.

Inaccessible level of transparency

Comparison with banks of course (for a blockchain projects it is habitual norm) means. Any of them won't be able to show such level of transparency of deposits as it can make OptiToken. All investments which you makes in the project can be traced by you and profit which depends on success of the auction surely will come to you.

That is the bank for example pays you 20% per annum irrespective of how many itself I have earned from your money. In a case with OptiToken all on the contrary: if transactions are very successful you will notify on it in the form of payments and which growth of cost of cryptocurrency you own.

On it the review about OptiToken comes to an end. From us: before all reject prejudices and look at the project soberly. If at team everything turns out the platform will bring benefit to the users and developers.

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