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Enlte: It is informed – means it is armed

The Enlte platform is safety in simple things which won't be able to do harm now or to steal your time.

So far as concerns safety we seldom think of purchases in shops and standard service like hairdressing salons and grocery stores. And in vain they can be sources of the increased danger to the ordinary citizen. But everything will change will unite to the world in small groups for mutual aid soon with arrival to our lives of the Enlte platform which offers. Whether this association on territorial sign at all important yours is constant neighbors or those with whom you have accidentally appeared nearby.

With neighbors on one platform

It will be very easy to use the platform as well as modern solutions of Google in this direction. For example Max has decided to undergo dental inspection in one of clinics that nearby his houses. But why to go blindly when there is Enlte? At first he will open a mobile application and will look at what comments other users have left. Here he sees that Victoria which lives somewhere in the neighbourhood already underwent treatment there and it hadn't liked the fact that tools won't be sterilized properly and the doctor isn't able to calm the patient and only piles on the agony the awkward movements.

"That — Max thinks — the option has to be better". And, of course he is right the healthy competition generates high quality of goods or service.

He looks at the card further and sees absolutely new clinic of which only one participant of Enlte has used so far and I have put a good response. "It is better to go to clinic which hasn't managed to earn to itself reputation by what in that which was already in time will cause a stir for the worse" — he thinks and it appears the rights. The pleasant atmosphere the friendly doctor and the loyalty program impress him and he hurries will share this news on Enlte. For this purpose he chooses a point on the card where there is a clinic which was pleasant to him and describes the experience of use of her services.

All participants of the platform see as it is delighted with Max. new clinic and too use her. As a result nobody will even begin to try bad options making for profit to that who really deserves it. But it not all that can be made by means of the platform.

Also you will be able to call to the aid if to you there is a trouble. And it is not just a call of the emergency help or a small cloudlet as in Yandex. Who watches traffic jams and by means of which other similar services it is possible to ask for the help only that at the card at present. Moreover what help will come to you more probable, from the stranger or that who lives from you nearby?

Better in time

Of course your neighbor. He appreciates you as well as you him if of course both of you so civil are active as Max and Victoria. And he won't need to come constantly into the application to make sure that at all everything is all right. Instead of this Enlte will give an opportunity of communication with the help of push-notifications.

Just try on a situation on yourself and think: if you see on the screen cellular that someone from your area in a trouble unless you will be able to remain indifferent? Of course not! It the same if to you were knocked at a door – don't refuse such cases.

Except that push-notification will approach to tell all the neighbors that some section of the road is blocked on repair and it is necessary to go round him at once not to get stuck in a traffic jam. – push-notifications can replace all existing means which show filling of roads in the next the district.

The only thing better creators would think over functionality in which push would be not always active as means of the notification of other participants of the platform. The user himself could solve, his news are how emergency and whether to choose it is necessary to learn about it right now. Thus it would be possible to avoid constant flood in messages and to keep users from that that they have at all disconnected an opportunity to receive such messages. But perhaps before have already guessed also without us.


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