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Enlte: Friends which always nearby

There are two most abrupt things which you can make together with the neighbors: a big community work day when you do yours to the district better and more beautiful and a big picnic on which all of you can become more solid. There was a time when neighbors really were close friends. Possibly it because of the fact that all of us had no so many friends in online and in general intermedia have been a little developed. So people just went outside and communicated with each other in passing solving problems for the small society.

But the most interesting that people start over again understanding, how important to live together to help each other and to keep in a continuous communication. Unfortunately in the modern world it is quite difficult: we work hard and we don't see an opportunity to begin even simple communication with people who surround us.

But the decision to it is also it bears the name Enlte. It is the platform which will unite people by means of a blockchain and will teach them to solve together problems having fixed thus need for the centralized meetings or something like that that gives the totalitarian past of our countries. Today we begin the detailed review of this project!

Those will help who closer

To what rich there would be no Russian and it lacks some words after all. For example in him there is no word which designates a back part of a knee but today not about it. We mean the word "neighborhood". Usually he is translated as vicinities or the area in which you live. But actually he bears one more value - it is the special relations which arise between residents of one area. Remember when you meets the fellow countryman somewhere far from the small homeland that at once you ask about that where he has grown up. If to you carries consider to meet someone from "the area" the fact that you have already found to yourself the good friend!

But Enlte is intended not only to organize those who lives nearby though our examples on it will be under construction (just it seemed to us the most useful functionality) but also just for those who to be at the concrete moment nearby and does approximately the same as you.

Such psychology is usual for the person: he loves that is closer to him and people who lead similar life. To make this system of relationship of even more productive creators of Enlte have decided to blokcheynizirovat it to increase coefficient of trust and to make cooperation through network same direct how and when you ask someone from neighbors to help you.

By means of Enlte you will be able to find colleagues to help to make the area cozier or will address local authorities to settle a certain problem. In fact Enlte gives to participants powerful weapon of consolidation of forces about opportunities of which we still will tell in the second and third part of the review.

The cryptocurrency — a token by means of which it will be possible to pay services of each other will work at the platform. For example you have got to a snow pit together with the car and you want that those who have helped you to get out nearby. Having placed a few tokens you will be able to receive the help and your saviors – remuneration.

Applications for mutual aid

We perfectly understand what for the ordinary user of Enlte won't become grandiose technology or the brilliant decision though the platform and is that. For them it will be just convenient application in use and it is already available on Google Play. Try as it works (and tell us any of our devices doesn't support him so far) there abrupt counters have to be already built-in.

For example each participant can give marks to various institutions including from the sphere of public catering. Have you probably already managed to submit the long and boring list of responses? Then you are waited by pleasant surprise the rating of restaurant will be displayed near an institution by means of technologies of augmented reality. That is you include Enlte and you point the camera at restaurant necessary to you and here a small banner with assessment it is possible to see on the display.

If you have decided that already all have learned about the platform and it is possible to thumb through quickly the website for detailed acquaintance that very you are mistaken. We have sorted it on atoms and now are ready to tell about Enlte.


Website:  web.enlte.com   

White paper:  whitepaper 

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/H-mCCBMGROXzQAj4PyVJOA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enlte_official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enlte   

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2985619  

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