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WePower – a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. Token sale February 2018

WePower – a blockchain-based green energy trading platform

WePower enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy to- kens. These tokens represent energy they commit to produce and deliver. Energy tokenization  standardizes simplifies and opens globally currently existing energy investment ecosystem. As  a result energy producers can trade directly with the green energy buyers (consumers and in- vestors) and raise capital by selling energy upfront, at below market rates. Energy tokenization  ensures liquidity and extends access to capital.

 The WePower blockchain solution is currently recognized by Elering, one of the most innovative Transmission System Operators in Europe.  To optimize the financing cycle and open access to capital, WePower enables energy tokeniza- tion. Tokenized energy represents a contracting mechanism between an energy producer and  energy buyer.

WPR token holders will have priority access to participate in auctions for purchasing tokenized energy once the renewable energy plant is connected to the platform. Energy allocation will depend on the number of WPR tokens held by the participant. Moreover, WPR token holders  are rewarded by no less than 0.9% of tokenized energy donated directly by the renewable en- ergy providers. WPR token holders may use or sell this energy.

WePower comes to the market at a crucial time. Due to a drop in subsidies and increased re- newable energy development competing at market price, banks started increasing demand for  own capital decreasing debt to capital ratio. It moved from 20:80 to close to 50:50 ratio for  newly developing renewable energy projects. Equity capital became a limited source of financ- ing contributing to a plunge (-23% YoY) in investment due to smaller leverages.

Current energy market structure

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BENF) , the 2016 level of investment into renew- able energy had reached 242 Billion USD, representing a 23% decrease over the previous year  as seen in the chart on the right. Nevertheless, early 2017 trends show investment in renewable energy has fallen to 20.9% in Q1 compared to 2016, from 64.25 billion to 50.84 billion. The market is dominated by banks, PE funds and hedge funds that dominate the energy investment market. This system does not serve the renewable energy community with proper access to capital. Nor does it serve consumers with proper access to energy.

WePower development is divided into 3 distinct stages:

1.WePower Breeze - Market entrance - challenging how energy investments and purchases

are made by creating the necessary technological layer

2. WePower Storm - Growth of services and usability - aggregating and managing energy

flows via smart contracts.

3. WePower Hurricane - Establishing a new era of decentralized energy utility.

Energy production is big business:

1. 24,756 TWh3 energy produced each year in total.

2. 24,756,000,000 MWh energy produced from renewable sources.

3. Assuming the LEC (levelized energy cost) from solar and wind averages 50 EUR/MWh (most

likely less costly), total market of energy production alone and sales is 1.24 trillion USD.

4. Current yearly investments in renewable energy amount to 242 billion USD.

WePower token model

Energy tokenization The WePower platform allows renewable energy producers to tokenize and sell the energy they produce. A renewable energy producer connected to the platform issues its own energy tokens within the WePower platform, where 1 energy token represents 1 kWh of green energy to be produced in a certain time in the future (usually within 4-6 months from the connection moment). 

Each renewable energy plant connected to the WePower platform will organize an auction for the sale of tokenized energy. WePower token holders will have priority access to such auctions and their allocation will depend on the number of WePower tokens they have. 

Each new plant will create an auction on the WePower platform for the sale of energy tokens to energy buyers with the minimum price set for each energy token, which will represent energy to be produced and delivered.

Through tokenization of renewable energy: 

1. Renewable energy producers are able to pre-sell their production in a global market and acquire necessary capital, increasing a project’s profitability. 

2. Investors gain better investment terms (lower costs and higher liquidity) as well as access to green energy projects across the globe in a standardised way. These developments make green energy an appealing asset class.

Blockchain function 

Relational databases are adequate in many applications and situations. However, sustainability and scalability are limited with these databases. From the perspective of sector transformation  in trading and digital infrastructure creation, transforming energy production to 100% renew- able, the answer was to utilize a public blockchain.

Blockchain allows:

• Innovative community interaction across applications

• Provide 3rd party liquidity through exchanges and decentralised exchange protocols

• Enhanced efficiency due to smart contract elimination of intermediaries

• Enhanced security due to immutability of data

• Cheaper maintenance vs centralised database

• History of transactions and prediction of transactions

• Fault tolerance for DApps due to decentralised nature of blockchain

WePower token sale model

Participants in the WePower token sale in return for their contributions receive WPR tokens. The WPR token will grant rights to: 

1. Priority access to participate in tokenized energy sales. The WPR token acts as a priority  access token for the auction to buy tokenized energy. WPR token holders will be first bid- ding to acquire energy from each new plant joining the platform. After priority bidding, the  remaining energy tokens are sold to any WePower user. Priority allocation for energy token auction is proportional to the amount of WPR the holder has.

2. Receive part of a renewable energy producer’s tokenized energy. Under the WePower platform’s terms & conditions, each renewable energy producer will be required to donate 0.9% of all tokenized energy to the WPR token holders. Each WPR token holder receives tokenized energy proportionally.

A WPR token holder can choose what to do with the received tokenized energy (i.e. received

energy tokens) as indicated above:

1. Use.

2. Sell before its production.

3. Sell to the wholesale market when it is produced and reinvest.

Token sale

Token Distribution


WePower due to its potential global impact and ability to solve emission problems is supported by the United Nations and Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania Energy companies supporting WePower: 

• The most innovative transmission system operators in Europe assisting us to launch a pilot tokenizing all Estonian energy sector - Elering 

• Renewable energy producers intending to use WePower and connect more than 1000 MW solar energy capacity plants to the WePower platform: Conquista Solar, Civitas projects and Novocorex


WePower Bounty Program  is designed to put the word out about the company’s values, goals and  progress. We welcome you to participate in this program in one or  several campaigns, which are to your liking. WePower rewards bounty program participants according to their activity and the rules of the campaign they choose.

1.5% of all raised tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Program but will not exceed 525,000 USD in WPR tokens.

The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

Quality pool - 10% (52.5k in WPR)
Ongoing translations Campaign - 10% (52.5k in WPR)
Moderators Campaign - 10% (52.5k in WPR)
Twitter Campaign - 5% (26.25k in WPR)
Content Creation Campaign - 35% (183.75k in WPR)
VIP content - 17,5% (92k in WPR)
Video/written interviews, reviews and articles - 17.5% (92k in WPR)
Secret Campaign - 7.5% (39k in WPR)
Signatures Campaign - 18% (94.5k in WPR)
YouTube Campaign - 2%(11k in WPR)
Telegram Campaign - 2,5% (13k in WPR)

Please check your participation in this spreadsheet:


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