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The Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Therefore, many reports published have predicted a huge rise in the Blockchain market. According to reports, the Blockchain market is expected to extend to over 20 billion dollars by 2024. It is counted in one of the most promising new technologies that are hoped to change the future of businesses and the internet.

Blockchain technology applied to medical research can improve trust in science by creating an unchangeable, time stamped record of the research findings


Hi:Health is a global ecosystem analyst based on artificial intelligence. The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time.

Applying medical reports of great amount of patients, and also indicators of health-control gadgets, we teach artificial intelligence to ensure early diagnosis of different illnesses and determine previously unidentified cause-and-effect relationship between functioning of body organs and systems of the body and outbreak of diseases. AI will be able to analyze slightest deviations, which human can’t notice, and also to get more accurate survey results (for example, electrocardiogram) resulting from clearing devices of noise. Also with the help of Al it would be possible to monitor effectiveness of treating in real time and correct doctor's prescriptions.

The problem in the field of medicine

Just in USA and EU hundreds of thousands of patients die annually due to doctors’ misdiagnoses. The economic cost connected with complications that encountered in wrong prescription of drugs is more than $100 billion per year.

The main reasons of misdiagnoses are as follows:

The doctors are specialized in certain organs or organism's system and often can’t see the overall picture;

Lack of experience and doctors’ problems in knowledge often lead to situation, when rare diseases can be not identified;

Lack of time that doctor has for analyzing medical history, the reason is doctor’s high workload (appointments with patients) and also documentation takes significant amounts of time;

The complexity in the definition of the disease according to X-ray, CT, MRI studies, histological examination during nonstandard kind of disease, and also high dependence on subjective experience by an expert.

Based on neural networks artificial intelligence will allow to make a huge amount of difference in the field of medical diagnosis.

How it works?

• Opportunities Options of the platform for a person:
• Downloading personal medical data
• Secure and anonymous storage of medical data
• Rewarding in the form of getting tokens (tokens allow extending the application functionality, purchasing health and life insurance)
• Anonymous sales of your data for platform tokens
• Analysing data using artificial intelligence for diagnosing diseases at early stages
• Purchasing and connecting tested devices (gadgets) for express diagnosing of the organism
• Making appointments for undergoing medical examination
• Searching and purchasing proven drugs

Ability of artificial intelligence when using algorithms to analyze IR radiation.

The AI algorithm analyzes the data obtained, based on the experience of thousands of physicians worldwide and millions of studies, determining the slightest correlation between changes in gadgets and human test results.

Identify patterns and sources of disease.

Artificial Intelligence makes recommendations for lifestyle management based on the likelihood of disease occurrence

Create individual care and nutrition plans

Controlling the consumption of drugs

Keep track of the maintenance process.

Tracker for real-time data collection
Body temperature
Rhythm of breath
Level of physical activity
Levels of alcohol in the blood
Levels of hemoglobin in the blood
Blood pressure
Heart rhythm


Electrode behind wrist Electrode for finger

To take a reading from the Rocketbody bracelet, place your finger on the bracelet face plate

The watch monitors the ECG independently

The patented algorithm processes and records the results.

Mobile app

Ecosystem for doctors:

Exchange jobs in analyzing medical data for ecosystem tokens

Share tokens for access to disease programs with established health data

Ecosystems for Business:

Insurance company

The insurance company accepts a more accurate account of the possibility of an insured event. Increase their profits by minimizing the risk of paying insurance premiums. Selling health insurance through application

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies receive statistical reports on the sale of medicines, localized disease (urban) and the effects of drugs on a person. To personalize treatment, data can be obtained from a DNA database about a person's predisposition to a particular disease according to his geographic residence.


Clinics improve methods of treatment and prevention of human diseases

Research centers and developers can use the benefits of data mining (detecting titles in a database) to get patterns. In today's global competition, knowledge of the patterns found can provide additional benefits.


Data Mining is a collective name for combination of technologies that detect among the data previously unknown, non-trivial, operationally useful and available interpretations of the knowledge required for making decisions in various spheres of human activity

Data Mining technologies are a powerful apparatus of modern business analytics and a data research for finding hidden patterns and building forecast models. Data Mining is based not on speculation, but on real data.

Data mining tasks:

The classification

The easiest and most common Data mining task. In the result of completing the task of classification, one can discover indicators that characterize groups of objects of investigated dataset (classes). According to these indicators the new object can be classified.

The methods for dealing with the task:

In order to complete the task of classification one can use some methods including Nearest Neighbor, k-Nearest Neighbor, Bayesian Networks, induction of decision tree, neural networks.


Clustering is the logical follow-up to the idea of classification. This task is more complicated; the characteristic feature of clustering is that classes of objects are not predetermined initially. The result of clustering is dividing objects into groups. An example of method for dealing with the task of clustering: “unsupervised learn

Fundamental element of the future HIH token's growth is supply constraints, we once produce 1 000 000 000 HIH tokens without additional emissions in the future. Meanwhile demand for tokens will be constantly increasing as the are the means of payment within the ecosystem. Thus, according to basic law of supply and demand, there will be growth in cost of the tokens as demand of them will increasing, and supply will be the same.



Aleksandr Potkin: CEO, CFO
Salman Qadir: International Business Manager
Egor Stepanichtchev: CIO
Konstantin Rerzhukou: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT
Eugene Makeychik: DESIGN
Vladislav Vasilchyk: SYSTEM ANALYST
Volha Hedranovich: MSC DATA SCIENTIST

For more information please visit the links below;

Website: https://hihealth.io/

Whitepaper: https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252889.msg33879027#msg33879027

Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hihealthapp

Author: BrainerdPaul
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