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Universal Reward Protocol

Universal Reward Protocol (URP) is a blockchain-based protocol where retailers reward shoppers for sharing their behavioral data
While online retailers have leveraged data collection to thrive, physical retailers have lost steam in the race to understanding their shoppers’ preferences. Retailers have hence directed their strategy towards achieving omnicanality, to engage with their shoppers both online and offline.
In a world where brick-and-mortar still accounts for 90% of all retail sales [1], we believe the myriad of offline shopping behaviors represents an untapped source of valuable insights. Meanwhile, in light of recent events, we are convinced individuals deserve transparency as far as their personal data is concerned.
We thus envision a world where shoppers can hand-pick which behavior, whether online or offline, they want to share with retailers to get a more personalized experience.
That’s why we are building Universal Reward Protocol, a blockchain-based protocol where retailers reward shoppers for interacting with them and sharing their behavioral data.


  • Shoppers Can Earn Rewards: Shoppers gain URP tokens by sharing their data with retailers. You’re able to share the location of the sale, your purchases, the point of sale, etc. This makes it easier for users to earn rewards and have an incentive at shopping at their favorite retailer.

  • Data Transparency & Security: Universal Reward Protocol has a blockchain-based ecosystem where you can gain control over your data while obtaining offers from retailers that are personalized and tailored to your shopping habits.

  • Token Redemption: Retailers can obtain URP tokens by making personalized and exclusive offers based on the shopper’s shared data.

  • Universal Digital Wallet: Universal Reward Protocol has a digital wallet that allows users to check their redemption contracts and rewards at any time. You’re able to change your privacy settings and check your URP token wallet balance.

  • Distributed Data Storage: URP allows showers to decide which retailers they want to share their data with. This sensitive receipt data is isolated between the retailers while your navigation data will be available to every node on the network.

  • Utilizes IoT Technology: Since it combines blockchain technology with IoT technology, users are able to receive detailed data reports on their shopping habits while also having encrypted data that’s protected from unauthorized third parties and hackers.

  • Affiliated Businesses: So far, Universal Reward Protocol is backed by successful companies such as Nestlé, Carrefour, and Auchan. As time progresses, we can see URP be used by other companies that are willing to learn more about their shoppers so they can better advertise and promote their products to them.

How does Universal Reward Protocol work ?
Universal Reward Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that serves as the overarching infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps) that analyze shopping behavior. Using smart contracts, retailers define behavioral conditions to be fulfilled by shoppers to earn a reward : the Proof-of-Behavior (PoB). Each dApp on URP defines a set of behaviors it is able to certify by producing PoB.

Upon presentation of the PoB to the smart contract, the shopper is rewarded and receives tokens. The collected data is then sent to retailers to tailor personalized and exclusive offers to shoppers. Finally, shoppers can redeem earned tokens through these deals.

Token Sale Details

Private sale. Start date: June 8th, 2018 Duration: 2 months
Min. amount: 20 ETH Max amount: 500 ETH Cap: 5M€ Bonus: 40% (the bonus has a vesting period of 6 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) instead of (bonus will be locked for two months)

Pre-sale. Start date: Seven days after end of private Duration: 1 month
Min. amount: 5 ETH Max amount: 500 ETH

Phase 1: Bonus: 25% (the bonus has a vesting peri- od of 4 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) untill 5M€ or 15 days after the beginning of pre-sale

Phase 2: Bonus: 15% (the bonus has a vesting peri- od of 4 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) until 5M€ or end of period Max Amount in Pre sale (Phase 1 + Phase 2): 10M€

Sale. Start date: To be determined (around mid September) Duration: To be determined Mechanism: Only KYC-ed whitelisted people Min. amount: 0,1 ETH Cap: Hard cap reached or September 30th, 2018

Token Locking periods. Token sale: No vesting Private and pre-sale bonus: 2 months lock-upIncentive program and subcontractors: No vestingAdvisors: 12 months vesting with a 6 months cliffFounding team: 2 years vesting with a 6 monthscliff Reserve: 50% in 12 months lock-up, 50% in 24 months lock-up

Unsold tokens will be reallocated to all buyers who participated in the token sale proportionally to their initial stake




Website: https://rewardprotocol.com
Whitepaper: https://rewardprotocol.com/wp-content/uploads/URP_Whitepaper_VL2.pdf
Telegram chat : @UniversalRewardProtocolOfficial
Telegram Annoucement : @URPAnnoucementOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@RewardProtocol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RewardProtocol
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/reward-protocol/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RewardProtocol/

BountyOx Username: Brainerdpaul
Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1680409

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