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Nauticus Launches Beta Version of Their Exchange as TGE Nears End with More Than $14,000,000 Invested

Nauticus is an Australia-based digital exchange startup that has been designed keeping in view the issues faced by users today on other exchanges. The exchange offers:

Highest level of security and speed of transaction with blockchain technology powering its core.
Registered with Australian government for crypto services.
Beta test version already available for users to check out.
Extremely low fee for users, be it trading or deposits/withdrawals.
User friendly UI, allowing newcomers to be as quick on trading as experienced ones.
Large number of currencies (initially 100 crypto and 7 fiat, with a targeted total of 300 crypto and 16 fiat)
Fast and cheap marketplace with ability of 1000,000 transactions a second.
E commerce solutions for merchants and consumers, from ability to accept cryptos and paying with mobile app.
Token launching outsourcing, allowing developers more time to concentrate on improving their platform while Nauticus distributes their tokens and lists on their own exchange.
Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/nauticus-launches-decentralized-exchange/


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