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Bitscreener - 5 advantages of the platform

The Bitscreener project is the special platform which helps users to stay in the know of all latest events of the cryptocurrency world worldwide 

In particular courses which constantly change. The platform can trace and analyze a large number of cryptocurrencies. All prices of digital assets are processed in real time 

It is necessary to make only couple of simple actions to find cryptocurrency necessary to you. Further it is possible to add her to the list further to monitor change of her cryptoexchange rate

The platform gives an opportunity imposing of special technical indicators. This function is more useful to users who work at the cryptoforeign exchange market for a long time and know all his features

 Besides at the platform there is a function of filtration for tokens. It means that users will be able to filter coins by certain market criteria. The present possibility is very useful to those who wants to stay in the know constantly of changes to be in plus from cryptocurrency activity. Filtration can be carried out in several parameters at once. Among them there is a price of this or that cryptocurrency, the trading volume and level of capitalization and also other criteria of filtration.

One more possibility of Bitscreener is a representation of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Any investor, the trader and the cryptocurrency player can stay in the know of the latest news. It will help to react to the changing situation around cryptocurrencies flexibly. So to be always on a horse and to monitor the most important changes in the market of digital assets

On the platform the technology of a blockchain is used. It is the decentralized system which allows to distribute files not on one server and on computers worldwide. This technology allows to create completely protected space for work. It will be difficult to hackers and swindlers to obtain any data from the platform. The point is that all information on the performed operations, transactions, processes is stored in special blocks. Conditionally the blockchain is a chain of blocks. To obtain some concrete information the swindler has to know where this block is. If he successfully does it and already knows where data that contain further he begins to make breaking attempts. And there comes the most interesting

As we have told that technology a blockchain the conditional chain of blocks it means the hacker has to know with what block he should work. But the matter is that if he should crack the concrete block that he has to crack also previous. That to make it it is necessary to crack also the predecessor's block. As a result the whole chain of consecutive chains turns out. It is impossible to crack such system For all the time of existence of a blockchain for today, any case when this system or technology has been cracked isn't known. For this reason developers of the project apply technology a blockchain as base to Bitscreener.

Very soon public sales of tokens of the project will begin. Today the platform carries out private sale not for public 

Developers do ICO to have a possibility of free creation of the platform without thinking about finance. There was only a couple of days prior to sales. ICO will last only 1 week

The name of tokens – BITX. For today the project has already passed a tag of a softkap and has sold more than 9 million tokens. Gradually approaches a main goal. 

Hardkap who is equal to 139 million coins. As of now Bitscreener has sold more than 106 million BITX

The price is 1 ETH = 7154 BITX

 The minimum investment makes 0,2 ETH

 Softcap is equal in transfer to cryptocurrency 1000 ETH and Hardcap – 15000 ETH. Public sales will begin since June 27 and will end on July 4, 2018. In total for carrying out ICO 139 million 500 thousand tokens of BITX are allocated


5 advantages of the platform

Now I suggest you to sort all main advantages of the new project! Certainly everything listed will be only a small part and for those it will become interesting to whom to receive particulars I will leave at the end of article of the reference to their website and white paper

First the most part of all known cryptocurrencies gets to the radius of the review of the BitScreener project that allows users to trace all relevant information in real time! The website also allows to find easily cryptocurrency interesting to you and to quickly add it to the favourites then this cryptocurrency will be displayed in the top list

Secondly especially for advanced users of BitScreener providently I have added various technical indicators that undoubtedly is huge plus

Thirdly developers have also taken care of that that it was as much as possible convenient to their users to use their platform! There is a built-in function of filtration on the basis of various criteria such for example as the price, capitalization level, the trading volume and other

Fourthly the separate section with cryptocurrency news will allow advanced users to be in the center of all events which take place in the world of cryptocurrencies

Fifthly, plus last for today which I to you will describe it an opportunity to create one or a little if desired personal portfolios and to monitor all transactions which in it happen. It allows to make the platform even more transparent and convenient in use


It is impossible to disregard also the fact that the BitScreener project has already received the mass of positive reviews and appreciation from the famous critics and ordinary users Everything who could already test this platform praise it very and in general are happy with it, now the rating of the project is 5 stars 


Here still my videos about this project - the first, second

 Web: https://bitscreener.com/   

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