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Instruments of electronic commerce quickly replace familiar independent trade tools! For the last decade there were many websites of electronic commerce and all of them are united by problems Fiats, characteristic of the world. Despite the existing problems this market endures a boom. By estimates of the western experts this growth is 30% a year. The Elysian team says that such figure isn't a limit at all that with use of technologies of electronic commerce the market of electronic commerce can multiply grow and that they know how to make it. It and our ICO Elysian project is our review

Problems of the existing market of electronic commerce

The modern websites for electronic commerce have a number of problems both for business and for consumers

low protection of the user data 

Users try not to leave the data especially this the cash card any more. And business is in a situation when at the choice of the website for trade he has to choose among risks to conform to requirements of the law on protection of confidential these clients


It can occur from the website, from a business side, from clients and outside in the form of the hacker attacks. Fraud can be expressed in fraud, deception, a phishing and in many other manifestations. All this doesn't allow the parties to develop the normal relations


It is shown in all operations on exchange of resources. And you have to pay for mediation 

monotony. Outdated methods of interaction with clients. All platforms are similar at each other they don't provide esthetic pleasure and don't contain elements of game mechanics

lack of business analytics 

With all variety of the latest tools of the analysis of behavior of buyers in the market, the websites of electronic commerce continue to use outdated methods

Solution of Elysian

Elysian is the multiuser platform for digital commerce, in this market there are several competitors

We will consider competitive advantages of Elysian

The data security of identification of the user provided by technology of blocking and an algorithm Proof-of-Authority

Protection against fraud. On the Elysian platform each participant is identified by KYC and each financial and information transaction registers in the smart contract

P2P with use of cryptocurrency of ELY. Many intermediaries will be excluded from process of interaction between business and clients. It will bring economy to both parties. For example bank commissions.

Virtual reality. This function will make process of the choice of purchases more convenient and fascinating. Clients will be able to feel proximity to reality as in usual shops

Artificial intelligence. Modern technologies of artificial intelligence allow to make process of the analysis of consumer behavior automated and much more exact. For clients it means faster search of necessary products and services and for business - more mature clients and savings in distribution


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