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Top 5 reasons to start playing PUBG

PUBG is undoubtedly the hottest battle royale game on the market right now. We have many fortnite fans too, and we respect your opinion but we like PUBG better, come on! Realistic graphics and the rush that gives us in just half an hour!

For those who do not know much about this game, the concept is very simple. Its an online multiplayer game where you can team up in squads of 4, duo or play single with complete strangers online. 100 players are dropped from an airplane on an island and there is just one rule: kill or get killed! You can control where you land, first you skydive and then the parachute opens up and that’s the beauty of it- it’s so realistic. Once you reach down you get medical supplies, guns, ammo and vehicles and various other sorts of surviving tools and exciting stuff like camouflage suits (ghillie suits) to ambush other players!! Can the experience of online gaming get richer than this? Well we certainly hope it does and gets even better with time. But for the time being we shall tell you about 5 reasons you should start playing it if you don’t, but before that we would like to remind you that anything is beneficial only up to the point it does not become an unhealthy obsession. Addiction of anything is always bad.

  1. It improves your focus:-
    The realistic graphics and the mission to survive from death(even though virtual) trains your mind to focus on the task at hand and improves your concentration skills.

  2. It enhances your problem solving skills:-
    Just like a military exercise, the high pressure scenarios push the player to use their wits and thereby creating new synapses in the brain that help even in other aspects of life.

  3. It improves your social skills:-
    You can bond better by playing together with your friends, your lover, your siblings or family members. Studies have shown that parents who engage in such an activity with their children develop a better relationship with them on grounds of mutual understanding. You can even become friends with random strangers and truly live out the expression ‘make the world a global village’.

  4. It improves the muscle coordination:-
    Playing a stimulating game like PUBG helps to improve your eyes and hand coordination and a hostile environment boosts the speed of your conditioned reflexes.

  5. It is FUN!:-
    . Its a little odd that we kept this point at last position because this is the main reason why most people play PUBG and guess what its not a bad idea to gift yourself a few moments of pleasure and thrill from time to time.
    Life is short. Enjoy your time on this planet to the fullest.

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