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What is SISA-Project Introduction

What is SISA?
Strategic Investments in Key Areas (SISA) is a platform based on a unique business model that allows individual investors to participate in pooled funds and strategically invest in interesting new projects in diverse areas.
SISA hopes to provide leisure investors with an advanced platform that is non-intermediary, decentralized and democratic. This platform was previously prepared for rich and well-connected classes. Sisa hopes to overcome and undermine all the boundaries of traditional pool funds through blockchain technology; at the same time, he hopes to establish trust relationships between users by providing transparent services.
Sisa Vision and Mission Statement
The core of Sisa's mission is to use decentralized blockchain technology to create and distribute the necessary tools and information so that individuals can compete with the resources and scale of major financial institutions, thus eliminating the gatekeepers of the market advantage systems provided to them. People and middlemen. Ultimately, we envisage the future of financial markets driven by information mobility and the agency and autonomy of individual investors.
Sisa road map
SISA source code
The code was updated 8 months ago and there is only one contributor
If you are interested in sisa, you can visit their social media
Join the SISA Slack channel (https://teamsisa.slack.com) - Talk directly to the project owner.
Join the SISA Telegram channel (https://t.me/teamSISA) - Chat with the community.
Read and participate in community events through the SISA Forum (https://medium.com/@sisa.fund).

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