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Welcome my dear readers. Today, in the vastness of our Internet, I came across a unique project. Which I will tell you in this article. eLYQD uses the most advanced e-Commerce technology, a market-based Platform that allows anyone to create an online store, including cryptocurrencies and eLYQD tokens and the ability to pay for vaping products.

Our goal is to connect e-liquid manufacturers around the world and provide businesses with the tools they need to launch a single platform of sanity into the global marketplace without minimum transaction fees and financial constraints, intermediaries or annoying bureaucratic procedures. We combine manufacturers to create our own economic cryptomeria that will bring electronic Commerce to a new level.

eLYQD is a completely decentralized e-Commerce marketplace where everyone can buy and sell vaping products and take advantage of the platform's significant design and technical features: privacy, freedom and much lower costs.

One of the main features of elyqd is the use of blockchain technology, which allows the platform to be transparent, clear and secure for both trading parties and to reduce transaction and business costs and simplify the purchase process.

Business model

eLYQD is a Platform created for buyers and sellers from all over the world. With an easy-to-use online platform, any manufacturer can take advantage of the platform's extensive features for a minimum fee by creating their own stores to sell their products.

Our service provides freelancers with excellent opportunities for small manufacturers, multinational companies such as direct customer Feedback, Accounting, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, as well as a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Revenue model elyqd mainly differs from the traditional e-Commerce platforms. Traditional e-Commerce platforms usually charge a fixed fee for the sale price, and sometimes a Commission fee. Buyers can also pay a fee for PayPal or other payment processing solutions.


The ELYQD market will increase the efficiency of all commercial interactions, freeing up all kinds of brokerage companies and making these interactions immediate, transparent, safe and mutually beneficial. This vision will be achieved through the rapid creation of a decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain and organization of user interaction on a peer-to-peer basis. Ecosystem ELYQD will be used by mass consumers and producers of products from around the world.

Direct consumer market orientation (d2c) has significant advantages under Central platforms in terms of freedom, privacy, and cost.

It never closes, never disconnects, and the list of information cannot be lost.Users stay special if they want to. eLYQD can never be censored, and users cannot be protected from buying or selling.

Payments are processed without the interaction of Central payment platforms and therefore make the entire experience easy, inexpensive and smooth.

Information about coins

Token = LYQD
Platform = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
PreICO price 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
The price of ICO 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD

Investment information

Min. investment = 0.1 ETH
Accept = ETH
Distributed In ICO = 60%
Soft cover = 2 000 000 US dollars
Hard cap = 15.000.000 USD

After the ICO period, all participants will be given a token ERC20 replacement elyqd in Ethereum. When the elyqd blockchain starts with its own token mechanism, the ERC20 TOKEN will always be considered replaced with a new token from 1 to 1.

road map

Some of the upcoming phases of the eLYQD project are listed below.

Q1 2018
Idea is born. The decentralized market is only for the vaping industry
Bringing some major changes directly into the consumer market

Q3 2018
Development financing
The launch of the market with the sale of tokens LYQD

Q1 2019
Development of the alpha version of the market test
All links to HTTPS
Escrow & arbitration smart contracts
Universal search bar
Blockchain caching system
Free, custom image downloads
Unencrypted chat system
X2 Geth and host caching

Q2 2019
Blockchain caching system
Free, custom image downloads
Unencrypted chat system
General beta test
Localization in 20 languages
Error reporting system
Status.im integration
Web version and filtering system
Imported the theme system
Shipping provider integration

Q3 2019
The use of escrow and arbitration service providers
Imported the theme system
Whitefish and Nametags naming system
Reputation system
Shipping provider integration
Variable and safe low gas cost
Reputation system
Mobile apps for IOS and Android
Additional shipping provider integration
System store
Bulk loading of inventory

Q4 2019
Live desktop application for security and arbitration
Living Condition.im application
Live web version
Integrated encrypted chat system
Filtration system
Variable and safe low gas cost
Full network of Geth and cache hosts
System store
Bulk loading of inventory
Additional language
Fiat payment system


The ELYQD team is unique in that it combines the deep vaping industry and fintech experience with blockchain and Software Experience. Elyqd's Crowdsale is a natural extension of the team's vision to provide a high quality, cost-effective vaping experience for everyone, without friction.


For more information:

Web : https://www.elyqd.world/#ico
TeknikDoc: https://www.elyqd.world/assets/files/white-paper.pdf
AnnThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4615548.0
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/elyqdcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elyqdcom
Telegram: https://t.me/elyqd_world
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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