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My dear readers today I want to introduce you to a very promising project.We all know that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple (and not only them) in recent years have become not only a popular means of payment, but also for investment. But we all know that the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is characterized by poor liquidity, high volatility and a complete lack of markers for the separation of useful information.

Yes, today the situation is such that if a person is ready to come to investments in cryptocurrencies, he will have to face not an information vacuum, but a completely reverse process. When the information is complete, but its usefulness, correctness and even truthfulness raises big questions. Most of this is just distractions for the enrichment of the not clean the hands of individuals, or simply Scam.

CoinAnalyst is a product of Cogia GmbH, which in turn has more than seven years of experience in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for the search and analysis of information in the network. Cogia Web Observer has been used for several years in various industries and will also be used for CoinAnalyst.

The CoinAnalyst application is aimed to help in such processes as selection and analysis of useful information. What used to be done manually and took a huge amount of time will now be automated! It makes sense to watch a video in which the project team briefly describes all the advantages of the platform:

With CoinAnalyst, traders will have access to information from traders and owners who are "tied" to a specific coin, that is, narrow-profile specialists. Also, the application determines the risks that at some point may arise in a particular market and will respond to them quickly and efficiently. How much is it in demand? Let's take a closer look.

Project objective
CoinAnalyst want to complicate the lives of speculators and scammers, which today prevail in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the fact that someone can better understand the situation than others, they successfully manipulate the information space, creating favorable conditions for not quite honest enrichment.

I must say that such actions repel not only ordinary users who would like to invest in cryptocurrencies, but they are just scared. But it also pushes away the strong players of the financial market, who see pitfalls in the absence of predictable stability.

CoinAnalyst wants to establish new rules of the game in the crypto-currency market and bring here much more capitalization and active Finance than it is today. Yes, big funds have a huge staff of analysts and experts, including those specializing in specific market segments. But now the rest will be able to access point analysis and selection of the necessary information from a huge stream.

As we said above, the lack of clear information markers allows fraudsters and speculators to manipulate stuffing and lies. Today, there are not enough automatic tools to eradicate this. And if you do this analysis manually, for one person it is, in fact, impossible. Too many information arrays will have to be studied and not the fact that you can separate the truth from manipulation.

Yes, this market is extremely attractive for dishonest individuals, as today it is possible to receive tenfold profits for the year. But all this is mainly due to the lack of awareness of other participants. Too easy to play on the ignorance of others and make huge profits!

Even if you are a member of private Telegram channels, read specialized forums-it does not guarantee you fast and quality access to the necessary information. Since people interested in quick profits are much higher and they have the resources to manipulate information flows.

All this makes it incredibly relevant to create a new tool that will allow beginners and experienced traders to receive comprehensive and necessary information about what will facilitate their stay in the "jungle" of the crypto-currency market, and will allow them to make purchases or sales on the basis of timely and rapid analysis of trends.

CoinAnalyst offers to solve the problems described above with its innovative application. The use of artificial intelligence, the experience of narrow specialists in cooperation with Your personal opinion, can give amazing results.

Of course You will agree that the automatic analysis of the most important points on this new and explosive market, as cryptocurrency is a vital tool today.

CoinAnalyst is able to grow along with the growing market, offering more and more new solutions and expanding just as automatically. And the more it will grow the market - the more value will represent such a tool. Both for beginners in the field of trading and investment, and for experienced professionals. Why do it manually and waste time when there is process automation?

Principle of operation
The CoinAnalyst platform collects all relevant coin information from all available sources, continuously and in near real time. The basis for this is the Web Observer, scanning and monitoring system developed and operated by Cogia GmbH.

The forums and blogs. The platform scans and indexes all information according to the specified keywords (for example, the name of the coin). Using special parsing techniques, all messages in these forums are retrieved and stored separately, including identifiable metadata.

Social networks and media resources. Data and messages from social networks (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.) and micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter) are collected using available APIs. You can also include specific areas from dedicated accounts, such as https://twitter.com/whalecalls mmm. Information is published here if a large number of coins have been bought or sold in a short period of time.

Telegram trading group posts can also be included in search results via the API.

Text storage. All articles or posts are stored in the system index without text clipping and are available for future ratings. The system uses a content filter, which considers only the user's text for indexing (ads or navigation menus are ignored).

In addition, all entered texts are stored in a repository that archives them as files. This means that documents are available for internal queries even if they are no longer available on the Internet.

Optional: search by pictures and audio or video files. You can also integrate articles and audio / video streams from bloggers into your search. Using the speech-to-text engine, the contents of streams can be converted to a text file and indexed in the system.

Always get the best results with meta search. To discover new, previously unknown sources, a meta-search module is used that searches for keywords (such as coin names) and generates queries to global search engines, and then integrates the returned results into the index after automatic relevance checking. The system has interfaces for integration with Google, Bing, Weibo (China) and Yandex (Russia).

Multilinguality. The system supports scanning and indexing in all global common languages (including Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese). This allows the platform to receive important announcements even before English news sites report it.

For example, the ban on cryptocurrency in China, which had a significant impact on the price of bitcoin. Messages in "foreign" languages are automatically translated into English (I think that the platform will provide information in the client's language, not English and all without options, maybe not immediately, but in the future - exactly).

In real-time. The system works almost in real-time. Depending on the type of information sources, the time Windows for data collection and analysis may differ slightly.

CoinAnalyst makes personal opinions visible. The platform uses its scanning system in the background to use the so-called crowd intelligence. The vast expanses of the Internet hide countless amounts of information from users, which are quite significant, but they are difficult to process and analyze manually.

CoinAnalyst collects all data and analyzes it in one place. This platform is essentially a portal for traders and gives them an advantage in the information field, which they, in turn, use to increase profits and reduce possible risks. The platform offers exclusive cryptanalysis and a constantly updated database for all cryptocurrencies.

In fact, it is a portal comparable to coinmarketcap.com, and aimed at all traded coins. However, if You click on the coin, you get much more information. Let's look at the platform components:

● Each coin in the market is processed individually.
● Have any coin there is the analysis of the stability and possible trends.
● Time analysis can be used to compare the market situation now and in the past.
● Relevance analysis shows the most relevant posts and news. All information collected is segmented on the basis of the given topic or the name of the coin. Hence, there is a page for each coin that presents all the current information and data that traders need.

Additional function
For individual research CoinAnalyst offers several other functions. They allow you to diversify the analysis of messages, news and mentions on the Internet.
Search: the entire index (database) can be found without clipping the text. It supports all the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NEAR, NOT, parentheses, padding). The results can
be sorted by relevance or time stamp. They can be limited to specific sources, source types, or time periods.

Tag cloud: displays relevant keywords in result lists
for a certain coin.
Match: Shows associations that are defined by a specific keyword, such as a specific coin.

Topic map: displays the topics that are currently being discussed. In just one click, posts / documents are added to a specific cluster.

Trends: Shows the development of trends for a specific keyword, topic, coin. Trends for multiple coins can be compared to each other.

Insider information: Shows the most influential users on forums or social media with their posts and most active discussions regarding a topic or a specific coin.

Trading functions
For individual trading, the CoinAnalyst platform offers the following features:

Notifications. With a subscription, the user can mark coins related to it. The user then receives all messages for the corresponding coin in Telegram or by e-mail via the alert function.

Latest news. The platform offers a "Breaking News" section - breaking news that may have an impact on the bitcoin and altcoins markets. This news will be immediately transmitted to the Telegram or sent by e-mail to subscribers.

The study of relevance. The algorithm continuously keeps track of every indexed news that affects fluctuations in the price of the coins. If a correlation is found, the algorithm in the background can be optimized by machine learning methods to determine the relevance of the news.

Calendar. Events such as the output of coins on the exchange, update (swap) coins and their projects have proven to affect the course. To do this, we will collect events from such information or trading platforms, and match them with the corresponding coins.

Training. The platform is designed to help beginners in the trade and use CoinAnalyst.

Check for fraud (Scam). There is a special area for subscribers that provides information about ICO severity. Here all relevant news are summarized and presented with an assessment of possible fraud on the part of the project.

The value of my coins. For subscribers there is a personal section where you can enter what coin you bought or sold and at what price. From larger trading platforms, this information can be pulled automatically through the API so that users no longer need to make separate entries. It will also be noted how many percent of the coins fell or rose.

Integration with trading platforms. In the future, the indicators presented by the platform can be integrated directly into the trading platforms used by subscribers. Especially interesting here is coinigy.com since he
it combines all trading platforms and already offers a plug-in interface.

Platform monetization
CoinAnalyst monetization strategy has two directions. In the short to medium term, CoinAnalyst will provide managed content and several selected data channels. This service will be available for project tokens.

Active traders are willing to pay large amounts of money for monthly subscription information if they believe that this information gives a trading advantage. Because
the value of the data can be quite accurately determined here, the size of the subscription fee does not matter, as long as it pays off.

Among crypto traders, beginners are the fastest growing segment. Most of them have not enough knowledge, so CoinAnalyst is what they definitely need! Beginners will find it hard to find CoinAnalyst. Therefore, this group will be the focus of the customer expansion strategy.

For the initial entry into the trade will be a package for 20 euros per month, which will be purchased for COY tokens.

The package for advanced traders is offered for 100 euros per month, and will also be purchased for COY tokens.

The base package will have a limited number of cryptocurrencies and ICO on monitoring. CoinAnalyst also offers a corporate package focused on the specific needs of companies.

CoinAnalyst reserves the right to adjust prices according to market conditions.

In addition to subscription services, CoinAnalyst will sell certain services exclusively for project tokens. These services will include raw data, finer filters, and other exclusive content whose significance will diminish as more users gain access to it.

COY token
COY-token is a working token of the CoinAnalyst system, which will allow you to use all the services of this platform. The token is issued on the ERC-20 platform.

Naturally, the token will be needed primarily for those who want to use the services of the platform, as it is clear from the previous Chapter that there is no other way to access these services. But the growing price of the token will be formed by the actions of the company itself.

20% profit platform is annually planned to let the token redemption user that will allow to support the demand. Also, all unsold tokens during the ICO period will be burned to maintain the liquidity of the sold tokens. Another part of the tokens will be burned at each purchase. Less in circulation-more price, everything is simple and clear.

IT will be possible to buy the coy token both from participants of preliminary sale (about it in the following paragraph), and on the platform. After purchase, the token will be stored in your wallet and at any time can be used to buy services of the CoinAnalyst platform, as well as for resale.

ICO project
At the moment, you can purchase COY tokens at a reduced price on the ICO, which will last until October 31 this year. In total, it is planned to produce 3 750 000 000 COY.

Since we have a clean utility token according to the regulations of Germany and Switzerland, as well as a working product, soft cap (lower threshold) is not mandatory.

Hard Cap is installed on the bar at 20 million euros. Stable the price of the token is planned in the amount of 1 COY = 0,01 €

The distribution of tokens and money
I also propose to look at the distribution of tokens and funds by the project team.

Project evaluation
In my opinion, CoinAnalyst has prospects to become a successful project. Already a working product, no Soft Cap, make it clear that before us is not a project from the field of "collect money and everything." There is a real assessment of the market, there is an understanding of the need for the product and its application, there is a real economic model.

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