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Welcome my dear friends. Today I will tell you about a very interesting project.The Beat project creates a platform with which the sport will be integrated with a blockchain-based platform. An appropriate ecosystem will be created through which the financing of sports, as well as the sale of sports goods, will be linked to blockchain technology.

The project brings to the sports industry completely new opportunities that were previously unavailable to the sports community. One of them is the use of digital assets for sports. But it is impossible to develop a good project without competent specialists. Therefore, to create a Beat assembled a team of specialists. Over 140 employees work on the platform. 40 people are highly qualified specialists. As the founders of the platform say, they are rock stars in computer developments. In addition, an experienced team of managers is working on the development of a sports project. There are ongoing consultations with advisors who recommend and offer excellent solutions for Beat.

The main participants of the platform: data providers, their users, organizations providing equipment.Benefits for the supplier: the user will be able to track daily indicators and improve their lifestyle. The data can be used when visiting a doctor for the purpose of treatment. The user will be able to participate in research or sports competitions: information about upcoming events and research will be constantly updated.The supplier will be able to get discounts on gyms, sports nutrition products (which can also be purchased on the platform). For participation and victory in the competition are also provided rewards. If you are an athlete, you can sign a sports contract for BEAT.Benefits for the user: purchase of low-cost verified data for research, improving the quality of service in clinics. Sports organizations can find athletes to participate in competitions. Parents, for example, will be able to motivate children to play sports.The advantages of a third party: digitize your equipment, will be able to sell data providers tools to record data and get tokens for it.
Each user will have their own wallet for instant transactions. The transaction will be like an ordinary contract, on the basis of:

The length of time and amount of health and physical activity data that the data provider provides access to users.
Customer plans to use the data.
A fee agreement that the data provider will receive for providing the data.
The main employee who is responsible for the technological part is Kjeld Peters.
He monitors the latest technologies trying to apply them in the project. It takes only the best so that users can work with a good and quality product.
By the way, about the product.
Daniel Wischer is responsible for its full development. It conducts a comprehensive analysis of the entire platform. For him, the Beat platform is a" product " that is sold on the market. He tries to formulate the main distinctive features of the project and present it to users in the best and honest way.
Chief Visionary Officer is Jens Kappe. She is an excellent specialist in her field. That is why he is one of the main employees of the company.
But an important role is played by the person who is responsible for sales. This is Jonas Bading.
He's a specialist in marketing and sales. He knows how to present the product to the General public, so that she invested in it. In this he was assisted by Sven Eismann. He's a marketing specialist. Constantly analyzes the platform, identifies its advantages, examines the target audience, which allows to increase sales.
Thomas Bartz is the financial Director of the team. He's a great financier.
Chief Financial Officer is everyone's favorite Carsten Buchberger. Finally, Daniel Hanelt is the project CEO, investor and serial entrepreneur who has passed the "fire and water" in the business.

Development plan:
For 4 years of work the company has completely finished products. All that remains to be done is to migrate to the blockchain and expand activities in Germany and around the world, which I plan to do after the ICO.

Additional information:

Official website: https://beat.org/
White paper: https://beat.org/beat_whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beattoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeatToken/
Telegram: https://t.me/beattoken

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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