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Good evening my dear readers.Today I want to tell you about a very interesting project..The Internet has provided a few simple but powerful tools to keep people connected with the least time. Social media is one of the most popular classes of Internet sites on the web. The world has become a global village, as the economic process and the network have taken the earth by storm. Everyone has found friends in every part of the world and that they don't want inflated tools to stay up to date with the latest developments.

A recent argument related to Facebook puts things in view and makes everything clear. Non-public data transferred to third parties jeopardizes the net presence of social media users. User information on the platform is sold to third parties, which are used to influence users.

Several analyses and studies have led to social networking sites having a negative impact on society. This makes the echo chamber of social significance, which significantly affects users of social networks. There must be a response to these calls on the network. The market is dominated by social networking sites that have captured the network. People will not say a few positive effects of these websites. Thus, the JUSTHIVE platform was developed to solve these problems, which was created to solve real problems.

Proposed solution
JUSTHIVE is that the newest platform gives permission to create a replacement platform for social networks wherever essential interaction between users is the most urgent task. Maintaining a standard interaction on the platform through various social networking tools is that the ultimate goal of the platform.

Users will become community leaders and choose the long - term community discourse on the platform. Options such as reactions; heat maps, voting and polling are often added to the tiles to allow users to share their thoughts and ideas. Creating a tile-based recording allows users to post their thoughts using images and videos.

Along with the possibility of feedback on the platform, it also offers simple and simple tools to create a forum for any enough content as desired by the platform users. Managing information and related content on the forum is that the members of the platform are responsible and that they are the sole owners of their information houses. They decided to decide to check their content in their profile or forum.

Different communities on the platform will have completely different strategies of operations and advice; however, each community should follow the basic principles of transparency and credibility on the platform.

Information about ICO
60% of all JHT tokens are offered for sale for token sale. Token sale is divided into several time periods with variable bonus structures. This token sale on the platform may continue until 21 July 2018.
One ETH corresponds to 5000 JHT.
About 35% of the funds are used for application development, while 35% of the funds are spent on the sale of the platform.

team 1.png

The team operating on the platform is closely familiar with blockchain technology and social networks.

The social element of each website can be a necessary truth of the fashion network. Every website connects to its users through numerous social media channels, and it is time to engage in significant interactions and get unfair results. More than a billion people use social networks in the normal way, whether Facebook or Twitter, we have a tendency to access each of these sites on a daily basis in our way of life.

Another class on social networking sites is that on forums or content aggregator sites such as Reddit and 4chan. Integrating the latest technology to create significant communication between people is what is true, which means social networking platform. There are several tools that can be developed to accelerate progress.

People will surely use the platform as they are going to come back to understand the true realities of real social media platforms. The platform provides completely different types of tabs, so users will submit their portfolio in an extremely high approach. Businesses or corporations on the platform will use a variety of Analytics tools to manage their growth and development in the community and forum.

Website: https://company.justhive.com/

Whitepaper: https://company.justhive.com/whitepaper.html

Telegram: https://t.me/justhivetoken

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951


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