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MEDIA Protocol

Welcome my dear readers. Today we will talk about one interesting and promising project. And what is very remarkable, advertising managers of this project is one of the best and respected teams of AmaZix. Behind the shoulders of this team, a lot of successful companies have passed, and I think this company will also be in demand from investors. But what is everyone ready to listen to? Let's start the review.Internet resources need to be filled with their content. The materials formed in the proper spices. Customers are content to buy ready-made or order an important table of contents from the masters. This market is quite developed and in demand.

The number of Internet resources is growing every day, there are seen fresh directions, competition is developing. Members of these legal relations are considered to be the creators, publishers and readers. That is-those who make content and those who consume it.

Difficulties of the existing market
The key problem of the provided market is that all these materials are on the services, which are strongly asking for large Commission costs. Exchanges, Portals and proper websites that trade for the unification of parts of the Internet content market offer circumstances where the implementation of the proposed material or the acquisition of important words, images and media files on request is converted into long exploration through trial and miss. But the fact actually is that they have a system of defense of the interests of users. Every member is not immune from cheating. At times, the developers of the material subsequently fulfill the proposal do not receive the discussed fees, and customers subsequently receive payment fabric, not consistent with the stated claims. Both of them do not have all the chances to compensate their own costs, because services and exchanges do not foresee these criteria. That is not the least, the use of these services is asking for cash contributions. In the end, there double the costs of money transfers for the implementation of the service and the purchase or implementation of content.

The emergence of the MEDIA Protocol platform will arrange the probability of sharing content very easily accessible and profitable. The platform will connect once 2 members of the image of transactions for the sale of content for websites and other Internet portals and services. Both sides get a chance of the communication, investigation important partners: the customers of the respective content experts – clients, which will draw the formed fabric.

The considered innovative system also takes into account the probability of additional earnings with the support of the tools of its own platform. Charging fees will be carried out for the usual impact: clicking on links, viewing materials, the expression of the case to the proposed materials with the support of the marks "I liked", "I did not like", "Share", and still – leaving an explanation.

The system is based on the Ethereum standard Blockchain technology. These are the components of the crypto industry. Cryptocurrency comes into our lives, including all the fresh areas of business and life of the large population. There are noticed all the fresh promising and profitable crypto projects. It is worth noting that the formation of the MEDIA Protocol plan is provided by the creation and launch of an ICO campaign.
The objectives of the plan
By considering the goals that are set before the plan development team, it is possible to mark these As:

development and adoption of a set of rules and guidelines for the non-hazardous and fair sale of materials from within the system between members,
regulation of the process of creation, implementation and publication of Internet content, increasing its properties, ensuring non-dangerous criteria and reliability,
creation of an innovative ecosystem that meets the requirements of The latest generation of crypto-industry platforms, providing permeability, reliability and profitability of services.
Outstanding quality of MEDIA Protocol
Media Protocol platform is considered to be a decentralized platform that unites all possible members of contracts for the creation and publication of Internet materials. The creators get great opportunities to sell their own products. Publishers will be able to simply find the fabric with support for the platform services. Buyers will receive high-quality content in their own turn, because the modules of the specialists and platform audit will allow to analyze the demand for materials and high-quality properties of content from within the system.
The platform will provide access to the content market for all members. This service will undoubtedly help it is important to increase the value of the proposed Internet materials, free members from mediation proposals and large commissions.
The system also contains a mobile application that will ensure the availability, popularity and global plan.

Details ICO:
The name of the token is MRI.

The stereotype of the plan asset-ERC 20.

Accepted for calculation-ETH.

Start of sales-19.03.2018.

The end of the campaign is 31.05.2018.

Softcap, Hardcap - 20,75 thousand ETS.

Road map:
The first quarter of 2018-the creation of a team, consideration of partnership agreements, holding a meeting to consider issues on the plans of the Internet industry (DFC).

II quarter 2018-conference in new York and London, creation of society, development of pre-sale strategy.

III quarter 2018 – release beta version of the platform plan, Kathgodam conference in Cannes in France, the subsequent promotion, distribution, market research.

The fourth quarter of 2018 – platform CryptoCatnip v1.0, start Publisher Portal v1.0 affiliate program.

I quarter 2019 - work on partnership agreements, research and work with the acquired data Google Analyzer.

Summing up. A project with a very high investment potential. The project team is the strongest and experienced. I believe that in any market the project will show a good result.

More info :

Website: https://www.mediaprotocol.org/
WhitePaper: https://www.mediaprotocol.org/papers/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Media_Protocol_Community
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEDIA_Protocol
Facebook: https://fb.me/MEDIAprotocol
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396313
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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