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My dear readers today I want to introduce you to a very promising project.This project is truly unique and I am sure that it will take its rightful place in the industry. OMNITY - search engine for scholars, students, researchers and many other stakeholders. Very often, students and scientists need the same information, the search does not lead to the desired result, because popular search engines do not display this information on the first page in the results information. Often this leads to the fact that people have to make additional efforts, spend their own time and money to find the necessary information.

Omnity is based on fundamental advances in semantic reference search technology, in which we create relationship landscapes based on meaning derived from the semantic signatures of the entire document. Thus, the knowledge contained throughout the document can only be deeply connected through shared ideas.

The problem of intellectual property Omnity

Omnity uses the strategy four times to protect its intellectual property through a combination of proprietary computer codes, trade secrets, trademarks and patents. Computer code for Omnity has developed more than 400 000 lines of code in Haskell, Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. For trade secrets, Omnity has developed a number of language filters, and the natural language processing stages allow cross-comparisons with high semantics and minimal cross-domain exchange. Knowledge. The brand includes "Omnity", the Omnity logo, the Knowledge connected line. Omnity also contains Omnity.io and domain name Omnity. With respect to patents,

Features Of Omnity

Data collection

Millions of Federal documents from most major agencies, this is a huge flow of information that is sure to be useful for users of the project;

Manual loading of documents manually via the drag-and-drop interface - simply drag and drop the required document to become part of the project, providing information makes it possible to monetize your efforts;

Payment with payment for delivery in batch mode (contact sales@omnity.io). In this case, you can quickly get your reward.

Documents are linked through similar semantic signatures, which allows you to establish an effective search for information on key queries;
Text is processed through Fusion processing of natural language, machine intelligence and mathematical graphics. This approach makes it possible to reliably recognize the text and conduct the most effective search.

Three years of research and development in the field of stealth provided more than 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million in sponsorship


Linguistic sequences track semantic signatures of documents that change over time, place, and copyright.

Digital rights management for text content in engineering, Finance, law, medicine, science in more than 100 languages. This allows you to protect all the necessary information from fraud.

Hyper-hierarchical document storage for self-healing distributed document networks. Here you will find all the necessary information that may be required by users of the project.

Detection bots

The search robots search agent is activated by dragging and dropping the entire query file
The start of the automatic search is coded by time and user choice
The detection reports are periodically sent to users via e-mail

Features of the Omnity token

The early adoption program (EAP) allows you to increase the value of the token when it is used and resold domestically (depending on the cumulative value added).
Tags can be used to launch detection bots (search agents detect content cycled by the user)
You can use tags to customize the import of large documents

Industries, goals Omnity

FINANCE (Find the right investment quickly.)

LEGAL (Find the right argument, quickly.)

RESEARCH (do your research in context, quickly.)

Lawyers and politics (Express your own opinion, do everything to be heard).
In General, the project is really promising and promising.

Website: https://www.omnity.io/
WhitePaper: https://www.omnity.io/static/ico/Omnity-Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/omnityio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/omnity_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmnitySearch/?fref=ts


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