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Good evening my dear readers. Today I want to offer you an overview of a very promising and having all the chances to bring a quick profit project. Planport is building a decentralized business platform for the supply chain industry, and the original product focuses on procurement and their components.

Planport platform based on the token PORT, aimed at solving the current problems of procurement and supply by unifying the entire procurement process in full and opportunities of businesses and suppliers through a decentralized network of businesses in the industry supply chain. Buyers and sellers can use the platform for purchases, auctions, payments and contract management.

Planport, as part of the Planport Platform, has built and builds the following products:
"Planport RFX is a purchasing product for buyers and sellers."
Planport Supplier Manager - product for the companies with whom you can communicate and evaluate suppliers.
"Planport Auctions is the product to conduct reverse auctions with multiple suppliers".
Planport Payment Systems is a payment system authorized by THE port token for business payments.
Planport Contracts is a complete contract product for the creation, storage and opening of contracts.
"Planport Experts Networks is a network of supply chain experts for enterprises."
Plnaport Invoice Marketplace is a trade Finance network for suppliers. Planport will revolutionize the supply chain industry by building a platform that simplifies processes and is built on trust, mutual benefit and user-centric as part of Web 3.0 using Blockchain technology.

General information about ICO

Token: PORT
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 500,000,000 PORT
Price: 1 PORT = 0,20 USD

Soft cap: 20,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 49,400,000 USD

Quantity: 70,000,000 PORT
Beginning: 11.07.2018
Completion: 10.08.2018
PORT 1 = 0.17 USD


Quantity: 150,000,000 PORT
Beginning: 11.08.2018
Completion: 30.09.2018
About team:
Sophonias Isaac h
Founder & CEO Sophonias is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16 and has extensive experience in information and interface development. He is passionate about philosophy, technology and decentralization. The study of supply chain management in the MITx program has sparked interest and understanding of the supply chain industry. This led him to connect and implement with industry experts who allowed him to understand how the current systems were broken. His passion for technology and problem solving led him to search for Planport.

Hayden Young
CTO With over 20 years of experience in the it industry, Hayden brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Defender of open source technologies Hayden has been involved in the blockchain due to its distributed nature and has been involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since 2015. Hayden is the founder KnowledgeArc.com based on blockchain-based knowledge management, archiving , and preservation solutions, Hayden is also involved in the Po project.et both introduced various and third-party systems and managed the development of its flagship client product.

Michael Guthrie
COO Working in the Internet industry with 90 years, producing websites of all types and sizes, including American Express, Conde Nast and the world health organization, Michael came to work with the software as solutions for managing office documents 15 years ago, and at the Royal naval Museum and Springer, and then as founder and CEO KnowledgeArc. He manages all aspects of this company and brings the same and diverse skills to Planport as chief operating officer.

Roy Davey Smart
Contract developer Solidity, Ethereum, NEO, Blockchain expert with over six years experience in website development including Python, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, GoLang, Django, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, React.JS. Deep knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency systems development (Ethereum, Smart Contracts), ICO organization, DAO creation, code keys and cryptocurrency exchange creation, Cryptocurrency Trading, bots crediting on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Solidity, Web3js, truffles and ERC20 tokens

Piao Rihe
Software Engineer Piao Rihe is a full stack developer that develops scalable applications from a plan to run, with a focus on security and performance. He is an expert in the following programming: Nodejs, expressjs, HAPL, Loopback, mongoDB, MYSQL, PostgresSQL, MySQL, React / Redux, Angular / Redux, Angular 2/5.

Dmytro Chornenkyi
Developer Dmitry Chornenky - software engineer with four years experience and master in the field of system engineering. He has a wide range of knowledge including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Sidekiq, Redis, Rspecm Sentry, Capybara and Rubocop. Throughout his career he has worked on several external technologies, including JavaScript, CoffeeScript, JQuery, HTML, Haml, Slim, CSS, SCSS, SAS and Bootstrap. Heroku has worked on many projects, including API design and integration, website security, a CRM system for maintaining electronic documentation, and a CRM system for internal accounting management.

Leonardo Gedler
Software engineer Leonardo is a full-stack developer with extensive experience in frontend, backend and blockchain projects. In his past projects, he used the following technologies: JavaScript (ES5 / ES6 / ES7), React, Angular, TypeScript, Android (Java), Node, Express, Mongo, Android, NativeScript (Android and iOS) and Ethereum (Solidity / Web3 / MetaMask / Solc / Remix).

Gleb Mikulich
Product Consultant Gleb is an experienced supply chain and manufacturing specialist. He has been working in the consulting industry (Accenture) since 2013 and successfully implements projects for a wide range of clients, including global companies CPG, Pharma, Industrial Equipment and Automotive. He has a project management specialist (PMP), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) certification.

Dmitry Krivonosov
Content Designer Dmitry is a professional content editor and graphic designer with over nine years of experience. He studied at the University of culture and arts and worked in several studios and TV channels.

Thomas Mclaughlin
Blockchain Consultant Thomas is an experienced professional with many years of experience as a system administrator and in the last few years, in particular, with the architecture of blockchain solutions. He is one of the leading supporters of the global blockchain community. He worked as an architect and Blockchain consultant for a number of projects. Thomas is a well-travelled person whose extensive knowledge and experience have proven to be of great value and added value to the projects he has worked on around the world.


Lucas Cervigni
Senior Advisor Lucas is an author, TV presenter, Advisor on international business development at FinTech and Blockchain Partner @ Vesicas Fintech Consulting, co - founder at + 15 companies, author of @ BlockChain in practice / the BitCoin Paradigm / BrickCoin-a solution for today's global financial fragility. He is an Advisor, investor, and international expert in the world of cryptography, who was named one of the 50 most influential people in Blockchain in 2016.

JC Lin
Strategic Advisor JC Lin has experience in consulting technology, management and strategic planning. JC specializes in block applications, big data, and artificial intelligence. He has several experiences, including creating and consulting Blockchain services that are decentralized, secure and work hard, working in the field of development and leadership in the online O2O platform and cloud APP, involved in decision making in artificial intelligence and big data analysis, organization of planning and information construction of new AR / VR enterprises. JC has 5 ERP implementations and successful collaboration, more than 100 foreign branches in the financial accounting system related to HQ, and the total number of accumulated over 16 years of ERP project experience. He has held senior positions at Ernst and Young, and HTC.

Stefan Bergström
Strategic Advisor is an Experienced private angel investor, Advisor and consistent entrepreneur based in Sweden. Invested in 18+ technology launches, mainly focusing on privacy by design principles, GDPR is a General rule of data protection - and compliance. Extensive experience in the travel industry. Owns and operates 6 hotels. Participated in several token sales in Fintech, AI, augmented and mixed reality. Visit often global Crypto events expanding the wide network. Focus primarily on the aspects of business marketing, as well as on raising funds. Advisor to European franchising contracts and blockchain innovation center in the Nordic countries.

Road map:

Q4 2017
Conceptual scene Curiosity + Passion Curiosity and passion Guided by the curious nature we have in Planport, we started to think about the problems we know about in the supply chain. In-depth research by Doing more research in our particular niche of the supply chain and confirming the hypothesis of the Powerless research by Doing more research in our particular niche of the supply chain and confirming our initial hypothesis.
Q1 2018
Meeting with primary users is the Stage 1 Orientation directly on user interviews and studying the pain points in the supply chain. Design, sketches and coding. We started turning the data we collected into our research into tangible assets. Product approach (I) the Deployment of our first production Then follow iterations through projects, code and features and planning to move on to the next stage. Fully functional platform passed the testing phase and multifunctional platform Corporate portal MVP-Planport is a Fully functional platform designed for businesses to make the supply chain management process painless. Fully functional platform passed the testing phase and multifunctional platform MVP-Planport supplier Portal is a Fully functional platform designed for businesses to make the supply chain management process painless.
Q2+Q3 2018
Smart contracts. Designing markers. Confirm the use of the utility token. Customer survey about our utility token that can be used to solve supply chain problems. + Private sale + Public Presale (Q3) + Crowdsale. By receiving our message about Planport and our products, as well as the vision we adhere to to transform the supply chain into a wider audience.
Q4 2018
Scale and build on the current platform. By hiring more engineers, creating more robust products and APIs for our supply chain users. Engineers hiring, creating more reliable products and APIs for our supply chain users. Customers on Board Stage 3. on Board our first payment customers
Q1 2019
Customers on Board Stage 4
Planpor network scaling

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Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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