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Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to a very promising project. The project has very high ratings. And I am sure that from this project you can get a very high income.Since I saw in this project a high investment attractiveness, which is confirmed by high ratings. And so meet SRT
Thus, the platform participants will have access to reliable data about the overall
performance of the oil refinery network, the number of refineries in the network and
refining volumes, the volume of license fees, the number of SRT-coins destroyed and
the number of SRT-coin remaining in the turnover
SRT blockchain platform will be capable of fully automatic monitoring of commencement
and performance of obligations, to pay royalties, throughout the entire network of oil

Regularly updated crypto-keys will be necessary for the operation of the equipment
(control computer of the system). The validity of these crypto-keys is 14 days. All the oil
refineries will have to deliver royalties (license fees) on a weekly basis. In the event of
termination of payments by the refinery - the term of validity of the crypto-key expires
and the equipment is remotely switched off
Information about the actual volumes of refining is collected from sensors connected to
the computer that controls equipment operation (volumetric sensors of consumption,
temperature and pressure sensors, voltage sensors for electric motors of pumps and
valves, etc.)
Information enters the blockchain platform through Internet channels. After receipt of
payment (royalties) from the company, the relevant information enters the blockchain
platform and the crypto-key generation system transmits the new key to the equipment
control module.
SRT-coin token is a utility token, which will be used in the operation of the blockchain
platform of managing license payments of oil refineries, as well as in other ways
described below:

  1. Payment of license fees in the SRT platform
    Companies wishing to become production partners of the platform and receive SRT
    Group's refinery equipment for lease on favorable terms should be holders of at least
    10,000 SRT-coin Tokens. All production partners that are small tonnage oil refineries,
    will receive SRT Group equipment on long-term lease conditions with an obligation to
    pay royalties for the volumes of actually processed raw materials. Thus, greater the
    number of oil refineries connected to the platform, and greater the volume of raw
    materials processed, resulting in larger amounts of license fees collected.
    Payments under the license agreement will be denominated in a fiat currency
    depending on the provisions of local legislation. In most cases the US dollar will be
    used as the accounting currency.
    SRT Group Company will include into the license agreement a condition that, in case of
    payment of license fees using SRT-coin tokens, a discount of 20% from the sum of
    payment will be provided. This condition will be a direct economic incentive for
    participants to use tokens and purchase them for settlements of the accounts inside of
    Platform. At the same time, the amount of SRT-coin for the payment will be determined
    based on the current market price at the payment time, which in turn will be determined
    based on information about the purchase / sale transactions of SRT-coin on cryptocurrency
    exchanges or similar public trading platforms.

    About token and ICO
    Symbol SRT: Platform Ethereum
    Token standard : ERC20
    Maximum quantity 100 000 000 SRT, not re-issued Including those that are distributed to the community max. 71 200 000 SRT
    Tokens of the team and Advisory Board No more than 28 800 000 SRT, issued in proportion to the number of tokens realized during the ICO
    Mechanism for reducing the number of tokens in turnover 80% of the SRT-coin coming from the oilrefineries as payment of license fees will bedestroyed
    Cost of the token Tokens have no cost
    What do they provide Tokens provide the right to participate in the
    creation and maintenance of the functioning .

About Project team:
CEO, co-founder
Alexey is the head of the Smart Refinery Technologies project for development of oil
processing equipment since 2012. He is the founder and director general of Design
Bureau «Soyuz». Under his leadership, the team achieved great success in the
development of the project, developing and offering, to the market, innovative
technologies and equipment for mini oil refineries. He actively participates in the
development of technological processes, and R & D work.
For over 5 years he has been doing international business with China, comprising of
deliveries of oil processing and industrial equipment.
Graduate lawyer. He graduated from the Siberian Institute of Law and Management.
Research supervisor
Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor.
He is a professor at the Department of Technologies of petrochemical and coalchemical
industries of the Saint Petersburg Institute of Technologies (Technical
University) since 1977. Author of more than 400 scientific works, including 30
monographs and manuals, 70 copyright certificates and patents, and received many
state awards. As a scientific adviser, he prepared 26 candidates of science and two
doctors of science.
He is one of the most prominent scientists in the field of petrochemical processes.
Author of more than 400 scientific works. Thanks to his work in the project, the
technologies of SRT Group significantly outclass the competitors.
Head of blockchain platform development
For more than 15 years he has been successfully managing IT projects related to
software development and implementation of IT-platforms in business processes of
manufacturing companies. He has experience in blockchain-development since 2014.
He is the chief ideologue and architect of the Smart Refinery Technologies blockchain
platform. VITALY KUZIK
Technical director
He has more than 20 years of professional experience in oil processing. He supervised
the construction of 5 mini-refineries in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Iraq. He hired and
trained production personnel of the factories, and organized their work.
Head of production
He has five-year experience in organizing the production of Design Bureau Soyuz’s
equipment. He organized the assembly and installation of process equipment. He has
experience in repairing technological equipment on the territory of PJSC ROSNEFT
facilities, Angarsk fuel and petrochemical refinery. He graduated from the Angarsk State
Technical University. He graduated as an engineer.
Chief design engineer
More than 10 years of professional experience in the development of oil processing
equipment, and oil processing. He is one of the founding members of the project, before
that he worked as an engineer at "Rosneft-Project". He is the author of two patents for
refinery equipment for mini oil refineries. He graduated from the Saint Petersburg State
Technological Institute. A graduated engineer. Candidate of Technical Sciences.
Process Engineer
He has over 12 years of experience in oil processing, working in the structures of
“Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat”. He worked his way up from the operator of refinery process units to the head of the department of petrochemical production. He has
extensive experience in managing projects for the modernization of processing units in
operation, production, and introduction of new production processes. He graduated
from the Ufa State Oil Technical University majoring in chemistry and fuel Technologies.
A graduated engineer. Candidate of Technical Sciences.

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