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My dear readers today I want to introduce you to a very promising project.To Your attention given the next review of the project, STEALTH PROJECT, carrying a brand new stage of integration of anonymity in online spaces.

As I noted earlier, the STEALTH PROJECT, namely its implementation will take place in three stages, each of which carries the introduction of a new, unique tool. Each of them is interconnected, which makes them a complex "novel" in the field of information security.

The first phase of the project, according to the road map, is between 01.07.2018 year 20.12.2018. The basis of this stage is a multi-currency wallet that supports a number of progressive cryptocurrencies.
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Thus, the platform will soon integrate this tool, which has the name STEALTH WALLET.

What is a unique STEALTH crypto WALLET?
In its work, the digital wallet has a number of features. So, they include:

Ensuring complete anonymity and security of confidential information of wallet users;

The mixer rivals. In this case, the transaction process will look like the following way:
enter image description here

For the use of the wallet STEALTH WALLET will provide cash rewards. Thus, absolutely every user of a multi-currency wallet will receive a passive form of income in the form of a STELZ token;

The system of currency exchange. Working with the wallet STEALTH WALLET You will be able to easily and with minimal cost to exchange currency for any of the proposed above list of cryptocurrencies, with it, without leaving your wallet; (currency exchange process is displayed in the diagram below)
enter image description here

P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies within the platform STEALTH PROJECT;

VPN connection, and so on.

STEALTH browser
A unique and anonymous network platform that uses in its work the well-known Tor Browser to maintain anonymity mode, while complementing its innovations, which makes the STEALTH browser absolutely safe for all users of the platform.

In the browser STEALTH PROJECT You can find tools such as Cookies (a program that carries out the process of cleaning files ); also well-known plug-ins Java, Flash, Adobe Reader; scripts that instantly block attacks by hackers Javascript; transparent details located on Web Bugs websites and more.

System websites STEALTH PROJECT
The use of which will be available only to the participants of the ecosystem in question, which makes any activity carried out on the platform's sites absolutely safe.

So, the team of developers of the project managed to create a light structure that can accommodate multi-currency crypto, secure and anonymous browser the web page is operating inside of the platform STEALTH PROJECT.

In addition, the websites will indicate the currencies required for transactions. The MAIN currency will be the stelz token, in case of its absence, you can pay with another cryptocurrency, or use the currency exchange function on the STEALTH WALLET wallet.

ICO project
In the implementation of the project in question, there is no doubt, because the STEALTH PROJECT team did not specify the amount of minimum fees.

The hard cap of the project is $ 30 000 000, and this sum will be distributed as follows:

STEALTH PROJECT has done a great job on the uniqueness of its idea and offers us effective tools that will greatly facilitate our work with cryptocurrencies.in addition, the platform will be able to provide complete anonymity to all participants of the platform, as well as to organize safe work on websites.

PRE-ICO [01/06 - 10/06/2018]
ICO [11/06 - 01/07/2018]

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hju8o95-L47CQJchkQpWE6td4Xd5LKdD/view
Website: http://stealthwallet.pro/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/StealthProject/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg96NmfKx7WeBQMnvSLIviQ
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