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"Bank4You" Mobile payments of new generation. ICO LIVE.

Hello dear readers of Golos! Today I want to tell you about the platform of Bank4You. Bank4YOU Group is an international category of financial firms that, from 2013 summer, operates successfully in the electronic payments industry. It contains offices that form active business relationships with key partners in the markets of Southeast Asia and South-East Africa. The main area of

work is the provision of mobile banking services for the whole environment.
Bank4YOU Group - can help customers forget about the bureaucracy associated with the discovery
bank accounts and offers comfortable operations, which essentially protects the period of customers.
Bank4YOU Group - has its own card concept at the base of Visa cards, with full
mobile banking, which contains both the likelihood of free currency transfers according to the whole world, such (and concierge service and other benefits.

The purpose of the "Mobile Money Transfer" plan from the Bank4YOU category is to say a new word in the company of international transfers and finteha, and also ensure access to prompt, comfortable and safe payments of millions of clients from developing and young economies. Our solution for the purpose of millions of people in Africa, Latin America and Asia is located in a mobile phone, and with it is disclosed not only the access to international transfers, but also to cryptic money units.

Problems and solutions:
Problem 1:
For the independent functioning of the concept of transfers from within the country and because of its borders, there is almost no obligation to place practically no restrictions on the edge of the economic regulator of this state (the main bank), but also of open markets.
Technological superiority of conclusions in the bonds of block rooms is that for the purpose of functioning in the property of the payment medium they do not in any way call the consulate in any country or the legislative consolidation of their availability. Restrictions in the option of the ban will make the Dark Market for the purpose of electric money payment, which, more precisely, will complicate their application, but does not completely stop. Technologically, the blocking of the conclusion can only be through the absolute prohibition of network communications in the road transport degree. Such pluses of technological processes form a great opportunity to form open markets without limits.

Problem 2:
For banking services, you need a huge number of numerical infrastructure and identification money for users.
Similarly, mobile currency concepts are supposed to use the existing hardware basis: smart phones with a finger scanner and on the camera guarantee the same as admission to the Internet in order to perform transactions of various types, such as the probability of a user's biometric identification. to classic banking offers, and not by creating new branches in inaccessible low-income areas, but by attracting banking services telephone accessories mobile users.

Problem 3:
Existing concepts do not provide the ability to implement cross-border transfers in each direction, the price of services can be reduced.
To resolve the tasks of users, it is necessary to guarantee:

  • The least variability of payment money within the system
  • The lowest price of translation services, rather than other services.
  • Ease of transformation of money of payment in the concept and other methods of payment.

    The payment method is sufficiently implemented at the base of the technological processes of blocking (numeric tokens), which is freely convertible into a monetary unit, mobile finance and instant instants at first in individual states, and then in the whole of society.

    Commission reduction
    According to the aforementioned GSMA report on international transfers using mobile means, the mediocre price of transferring from the state to the state is 2.7% (without taking into account the withdrawal rate available) in the required amount of more than US $ 200 (funds less than US $ 200 most ways for remittance, for that further sum, the huge Element of it disappears next to the translation).
    Technological advantages of network-wide locking guarantee the probability of performing transactions much more economically. For example, commission fees due to transfers to Ethereum bonds are regulated in a special way, such that the transfer cost is constantly low, independently from the cost of Ethereum:
    This enables you to recommend the lowest tariffs even in comparison with mobile technologies (for example, M-PESA charges a fixed fee of $ 0.4 USD due to transfers of P2P and payment due to the elimination of money in the amount of 0.3 s the purpose of withdrawing the money to the required amount up to USD 33), especially if there is no need for an instant transaction (in the case of an increase in the transaction proof time up to 5 minutes work cost of the transfer in the public source-chain Ethereum is much more economical than the cost in transferring each from the examined concepts.
  • https://bank4you.io/
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