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"BankEx" Innovative technology. ICO LIVE.

Hello subscribers and guests. I've told you about BankEx several times, but I'd like to do it again.
Official website -https://bankex.com/
Let's briefly consider what BANKEX is and why this project is so close attention.

BANKEX is a decision of a fundamentally new level for the financial market, the rules of which are changing very quickly.

In view of the active development of new technologies, there are quite large holes in the interaction of market participants, as well as the compatibility issues of different approaches.

The BANKEX team develops tools and technologies that help adapt these changes to traditional institutions.

Due to poor transparency of processes and distrust, owners of current assets often can not acquire / give additional liquidity to their assets. The BANKEX Proof-of-asset-Protocol proprietary protocol allows for additional transparency in assets through the "smart" conversion of them into digital products, which allows owners of these assets to significantly increase liquidity and market availability and expand the ability to buy and sell assets.

BANKEX is an innovative ecosystem in which the Bank-as-a-Service platform is implemented on the blockade technology using the Proof-of-asset-Protocol protocol.

First of all, the technologies being developed are oriented towards service providers.

The main product of BANKEX is the Proof-of-Asset protocol. This is a special layer between the level of real assets and the BlockChein infrastructure, which aims to provide additional transparency. Using this technology, asset owners will be able to solve a very important problem of liquidity of assets today.

  1. Establishment of a decentralized site where real assets will be converted into a digital currency. There they will later be sold in the form of BankEx tokens.

    The main objectives of BankEx:
  • Acceleration of the process of tokenization and sale of assets.
  • Restoration of mutual trust between all parties to the transaction.
  • Increase in the market value of the crypto currency.
  • Removal of superfluous intermediaries from participation in financial operations of the

In the future, with the help of the BANKEX platform, it is planned to digitize and tokenize all assets in the world generating a total cash flow of about $ 10 trillion.

BANKEX tokens are ERC-20 tokens and are used for transactions and interactions in the BANKEX ecosystem, as well as for "Mining", creating new asset classes, trading and other BANKEX services.

The BANKEX project has all chances to shoot well and radically change the key processes of interaction in the Finnish industry. An excellent competent team was selected, the strategy for the development of the project was thoroughly elaborated, and the active stage of the ecosystem realization was in progress.

Based on the information stated on the official website of the company, we conclude that all transactions with assets will pass much faster, cheaper, as all the redundant intermediaries will be removed. The process of digitization of real assets will be accelerated. You can independently monitor the dynamics of the implementation of the tokens throughout the entire aysio. Now for 1 ether you can buy more tokens. Judging by how smartly the implementation of the new crypto currency is, you should hurry with your decision. This promising project interested many. After all, business partners of the site, people are serious, not naive, simpletons and will not invest their savings in "empty" projects. I hope my article will be useful to you. If you want to learn more about this remarkable project, you can do it on the website of BankEx. In conclusion of my article, let me congratulate the authors of this unique project and all users of the site with the upcoming Christmas and New Year 2018 and wish everyone good health, prosperity and successful investments in the BankEx site

To get acquainted with the business plan, the road map, the project team in detail, and also participate in the ICO, you can visit: https://bankex.com/


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