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"Debitum Network" Borderless small business financing. ICO LIVE.

 With the development of technologies, in particular the global Internet network, a new innovative thing has become available - a block system that has tremendous potential for its implementation in practice. This openness and transparency, globalization and the absence of bureaucratic red tape, independence from centralization - these benefits were immediately taken advantage of by IT entrepreneurs who created a lot of really new and useful products aimed at improving the quality of life of ordinary people-users.

As noted above, it is problematic and unprofitable in state banks to disburse funds for the realization of their ideas from people who are burning with the creation of their business. In this regard, a new platform based on blocking technology has been developed, which allows us to borrow the necessary amount of money on credit, avoiding all problems and paper delays - Debitum Network.

According to information taken directly from the official website of the project, small business does not receive about 2 trillion US dollars for its development! And now, there was a chance to solve these problems. The development team has already released a finished product, which you can now evaluate by reference in the description. The video below is about how this project works:
At the moment, about 1400 ETH are involved. There is a bonus system: at the current stage it is 10%, on the penultimate - 5. These rounds are not fixed in time, but are divided by the fees plots. The hardcage project is 20,000 ETH

Dates of the ICO: 12.01.18-25.02.18. In parallel with this, there will be a bounty campaign with the following division of the pool (2% of the number of tokens is allocated, namely: 156.5 million) 



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