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Distributed Credit Chain! By empowering credit with blockchain technology and returning ownership of data to individuals, DCC’s mission is to transform different financial scenarios and realize true inclusive finance!

Good morning dear friends and guests of my Golos blog! Today I want to make a review of the project Destributed Credit Chain (DCC) https://dcc.finance. And talk about the strengths of this project. Friends, we live in a wonderful time, in the age of technology development, in the age of economic development, invented a lot of new inventions and innovations, as well as opportunities for financing business and ideas. In particular, such opportunities are opening up to us thanks to the DCC project.

Let's talk about the problems of the modern financial market.
I think every person in life, at least once, but took a loan. Nowadays it is simply impossible not to use them at least once, as banks give out their credit cards on the left and right, which have credit limits, while the countries of Europe and the USA generally live on loans, there is available mortgages and consumer loans, it is available to anyone working person. But is it so simple? Of course not, you should delay payment of interest on the loan and you will immediately meet with the bank's security service or collectors, but despite this number of disadvantaged borrowers only grows and this leads to a decline in the entire financial system of the country. Banks are forced to raise interest on loans that fall on bona fide borrowers. And also this makes it difficult for banks to select bona fide customers. The problem is that the banks do not have a single database of borrowers and if the client previously borrowed in one bank and has problems with the return, he can still take a loan in another bank in which he is not yet on the black list and all this leads to a decline banking system. And an increase in the number of refusals, even bona fide customers.
In addition to banks, private organizations also appeared ready to lend people for crazy interest, where they sent customers for loans to those who had refused banks. All this leads only to the collapse of the financial system and the emptying of pockets from the common people.

Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) https://dcc.finance is a blockchain project that was created just to solve problems in the banking sector and in the entire financial system. This platform allows you to safely and quickly distribute through the mortgage loan between users of the platform and consolidate lenders and borrowers.

Using blockchain technology technology provides transparency and security through a decentralized network that does not belong to anyone. This will make it easy to scale the project around the world.

All operations are now in open access, they can be tracked through a private and public blockbuster magazine. This allows you to quickly track any delay in paying for a loan.

You only need to register once on the platform, download all necessary documents for obtaining a loan and use the services of the platform.

The platform will form its credit rating, which in the future will allow even more efficiently to issue loans.

This platform is intended for organizations and individuals.

The mission of the project is the transformation of the banking system, which now goes to the bottom and it is not known how much time remains before the total collapse, the project is trying to innovate in the financial system and give a compromise solution to not depend on monopolists in the sphere of lending. Ie give an opportunity to each person to receive funds on mutually beneficial terms and at the same time to give an opportunity to earn money for private investors.

The lender and the borrower, intermediaries, which allows you to optimize costs, thereby giving mutually beneficial terms to both parties, the loan will not be so expensive for the borrower, as if the chain were intermediaries.

The decentralized ecosystem of the Distributed Credit Chain https://dcc.finance will also allow all users to be on the same level, which in turn will provide the platform with equal cooperation between all entities, regions and states.

In conclusion, I want to say this, this platform is blurring the boundaries between intermediaries and creditors. Now it does not matter in which country you live or what your religion is. You can use the platform services on an equal footing. Also I want to note that a very experienced team has been working on the project, which can be talked about for a very long time and requires a separate article for them.

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