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"Rentberry" Decentralized home rental platform. ICO LIVE.

Hello friends and guests of my Golos blog. This article be about platform for rental housing, and this platform called Rentberry.
Long rental housing - a extremely laborious, complex and long process, which takes a lot of time, effort and nerves. Rentberry will fix this situation, and they will be helped by this technology of Blockchain.
Several years ago, Airbnb exploded the market for short-term housing rentals. Now in almost any city in the world you can rent a flat quickly and inexpensively, taking advantage of this service. Quite differently, things are with a long lease, in which there is a completely different level of legal responsibility. Rentberry company will significantly reduce the cost of housing search!

The team creates a single site that unites tenants and landlords. The main advantage that it brings is a significant reduction in paperwork and time costs for finding an apartment. All the necessary documents will need to be downloaded once in the locker, after which they will be verified and reliably protected. Checking the reliability of tenants and landlords will be provided with special scoring algorithms - any user will be able to assess the reliability of the counterparty in one click.

  • https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/
    Of course, this service can turn the market. Many investors have already supported the project at its first stages. Pay attention and you.

ICO will last from December 5th to February 28th.

Soft cap - $ 3 mln.

Hard cap - $ 30 mln.

Tokens will be frozen as follows. For those who have invested more than 3'000 ETH, the tokens will be defrosted evenly over a period of six months. Team Tokens will be defrosted evenly for 4 years.


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