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Review "Goal Bonanza" ICO LIVE.

Greetings to you, my dear friends, subscribers, guests and readers! I decided to test the Goal Bonanza platform, which was very interesting to me and present to my readers an overview of the platform's capabilities at the moment. Over time, I will update the updated data, but for now look what is.
Let me remind you that the Goal Bonanza platform is available as a mobile application that allows its users to bet on sports events from the world of football. Perhaps later, other sports disciplines will be added, but so far only football.

Goal Bonanza has distinctive features in front of its competitors. The main distinguishing features of Goal Bonanza are: anonymity, calculations in tokens, a new principle of distribution of the game bank.

The safest type of bookmakers, which are also not devoid of all the problematic subtleties in their work. The most weighty minus of such offices are the peculiarities of the rules, in which because of such subtleties as the time of the main match or battle you can not get a win with a complete guessing of the final result. I consider this as a minus, but nevertheless, one can be sure of such organizations, since they are legal and, in case of wrongful acts, are criminally liable.

The downside of such legal offices is lower coefficients than those of illegal ones, since legal ones are burdened by tax payments and the maintenance of many employees based on office premises.

In addition, there are a lot of illegal bookmakers in the network, some of them use fraudulent mechanisms and they will not be able to make money with them. According to Rosstat statistics, more than 60% of bookmakers operating in the Russian-speaking zone do not have the proper permission.

Such offices have both pluses and minuses. Among the advantages can be very high coefficients, but at any time, even the most authoritative of such offices can declare bankruptcy and create a new site and company.

Choosing Goal Bonanza should be understood that it also does not have licenses, but unlike the huge number of non-licensed bookmakers, Goal Bonanza has important advantages that together are made as safe for players as legal ones, but without the disadvantages that are available to them.

In turn, Goal Bonanza offers to perform all actions in an anonymous and decentralized environment, in order to use your profile you will simply need to save the private key and install the application on a new smartphone, and then import your address using a private key. No organization, except for organized criminal hacker elements, will be able to track the movement of participants in the air network and learn the personal data of the owners of certain addresses.

At the same time for users in the game process there will be no difficulties except with working with finances. The player will only need to buy tokens on popular exchanges, and then withdraw their tokens. Only tokens will be used for cash settlements within the system.

Thus, Goal Bonanza as an additive allowing to make excellent fork plugs will be a reliable companion for any capper who can use it to play on different types of bets.


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