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"Spindle" Blockchain-based investment/asset management platform. ICO LIVE.

Hello! In this article i tell you about Spindle.
Spindle creates an application that allows you to manage investments in the decentralized finance sector.
Spindle emerged as the brainchild of Tokyos and London's investment in Blackstar Groups Blockchain. Spindle will link individuals and fund managers to fair, competent, transparent and reliable working relationships, allowing individual investors to invest confidently in fund managers who are able to develop and perform their operations to the fullest of their abilities.

We are witnessing unprecedented technical changes. They became possible thanks to the invention of blocking technologies. And let this phrase is still rather mysterious for most ordinary people, it nevertheless changes our life, and sometimes even regardless of whether we understand these technologies or not. Thanks to the blockade, new opportunities appear that could previously seem completely unrealizable.

Changes have now affected the investment market. So, for a long time investments were an isolated area for a privileged group of accredited experts. However, with the advent and development of information technology, investment opportunities in the world of finance have finally opened up to the public. Now let's take a closer look at the cryptocurrency market: it increased 10-fold only in the first half of 2017, while market capitalization in June 2017 amounted to about fifty billion dollars. Soon after this, in the second half of 2017, the crypto-currency market capitalization reached $ 180 billion, demonstrating a growth rate of 600 percent!
And, of course, many people had a desire to enter the crypto-currency market with their savings and get profit from it.

People can now invest their money in BTC, ETH, other altcoins or ICO and wait for the growth of their investments. But here people have doubts, and suddenly they will not be able to make decisions competently, because the cryptocurrency market (both currency and stock) may be subject to stagnation in a certain period; has a high volatility at the moment and is subject to the influence of many factors, which ordinary people sometimes can not take into account. In addition, a financially inexperienced consumer often finds it impossible to distinguish between reliable investment firms and fraudulent companies.

Governments sometimes react to this by applying different restrictions and criteria for investment management, which, however, leads to another problem. Fund managers become severely restricted by regulators in their field of activity. Moreover, talented managers can not enter the market, as they do not meet legal requirements, such as authorized capital, as defined by law, a corresponding financial education or certificate for investment activities.

Therefore, the authors of the project Spindle decided to create a platform that will allow people to simply, safely, efficiently and competently invest their money in the cryptoindustry.

Details of the ICO:
Name of the token: SPD
Standard: ERC-20
Country: United Kingdom
The period of carrying out: April 29, 2013 - May 15, 2013.
Soft Cap: 60,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 1 581 000 ETH
Price: 1 SPD = 0.129 USD
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH

After the completion of the ICO, Spindle will be offered in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as a Spindle Service Application (SPA) application. Owners of SPD can use the SPA application to invest in hedge funds of virtual currency around the world. Spindle Proto No. 2 is a beta version of SPA, and after ICO the Spindle committee will select 5-10 hedge funds in virtual currency, and ICO tokens will be available.

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