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"USERVICE" project will be a whole ecosystem for providing services to vehicle owners. ICO LIVE.

The basis of Uservice will be one of the largest in Europe platform-aggregator of car-care centers -https://uremont.com/
The existing project https://uremont.com/ charges fees for the services performed with the platform. When selecting a technical worker, the platform charges commissions with responses to applications, commissions paid for maintenance of the vehicle, commissions for the work of other companies through the platform.

The Uservice project will be a whole ecosystem for providing services to vehicle owners. The project will be based on the already working site www.uremont.com to which will be added the technologies of the distributed registry and the Blockchain. This will allow you to tie together a whole range of automotive services, introduce a simple form of payment that operates anywhere in the world, and much more.

Problems of the existing auto services market.
Car-care centers work on an outdated model, where the main role is played by the qualification of personnel. In any locality in order to find a decent car service, it is necessary to spend a large amount of time searching for and analyzing the best option according to the Price / Quality criteria.

The lack of mobile functionality for convenience and time saving still plays an important role. Car repair services have not yet caught the wave of automation, as it happened in the taxi market after the advent of Uber. Each car is a stream of information, from which you can globally change the current car services. At the moment, this information is used weakly and is not sufficiently analyzed. There is no transparent and convenient mutual settlement for the services provided.

Most car enthusiasts do not want to waste time looking for spare parts for their car. Because of the wide range of models, series and parts numbers, it's very easy to make a mistake. Also in the market there is a large number of low-quality products and counterfeits, which according to various estimates can amount to 70% of the total sold products.

The absence of a global rating system raises the problem with the search.
Solutions from the Uservice project.
The platform will work on blocking technology, which will make it possible to simplify, reduce the cost of conventional services, combine them into one and make it as transparent as possible for all parties involved.

  • https://usrv.io/
    Uservice eliminates the presence of low-quality and counterfeit products, sold through the platform. Blokchain allows you to use it to track the entire chain of movement of parts from the manufacturer's factory to the consumer. All the movement of parts in accordance with their identifiers can be added automatically to the unit with the inability to change the information.

For customers it will be an opportunity to quickly find quality service anywhere in the world.
SRTs will receive new customers without marketing costs and will receive a discount for the supply of spare parts from the manufacturers. Manufacturers of cars and spare parts will be able to make adjustments to the manufacturing process based on analytics from the Uservice platform, and will also increase the customer base. Those who wish to buy a car will be able to buy it directly from the manufacturer through the platform, and they will also be able to get acquainted with the history of the car, whether it is used or new. Insurance companies will change the price policy on the basis of platform analytics for the periodicity of repairs.

Uservice is a global Blockchain platform for car maintenance. Blockchain Ethereum, on which the project is based, will provide an opportunity to conduct any transactions related to the car. The distributed registry will save and track any actions, and smart contracts will do without legal procedures.

The ecosystem of Uservice will be a structure for attracting customers and operating businesses to meet the needs of the market, simplifying and reducing the cost of operations related to cars.


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